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12 09, 2007

New Schleich Dinosaur Models

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Schleich Dinosaur Models from Everything Dinosaur

New Schleich dinosaur models and replicas of prehistoric animal figures are now in stock at Everything Dinosaur.

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A Picture of Schleich Dinosaur Models

T. rex, Stegosaurus and Parasaurolophus dinosaur models.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Schleich Dinosaur Models

There are a wide range of Schleich dinosaur models available for sale from Everything Dinosaur.  The model range includes a Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus and the fearsome carnivore Tyrannosaurus rex.

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12 09, 2007

New Schleich Dinosaur Models now in Stock

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New Parasaurolophus, Tyrannosaurus rex and Stegosaurus models

The new Schleich dinosaur models have arrived and are now in stock.  The German manufacturers Schleich have recently started a revamping programme to update a number of their existing models and to introduce several new ones over the next few years.

Schleich Dinosaur Models

The three new additions to the Saurus range are Parasaurolophus, a Stegosaurus and a traditionally posed Tyrannosaurus rex.  The kangaroo posture for the T. rex (tail on the ground) was introduced for this model to mark the 100th anniversary of the naming and describing of this huge carnivorous reptile.  The model pays homage to the early interpretations by Brown and the famous illustrators such as Knight and Zallinger who helped popularise dinosaurs with their wonderful artwork which adorned many children’s books.

To view the range of Schleich dinosaur models in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Schleich Dinosaur Models.

The Three new Saurus Series Dinosaurs

Picture courtesy of Everything Dinosaur

Each beautifully hand-painted model comes with its own Everything Dinosaur fact sheet and the detailing is up to the high standards expected of Schleich.  The skin textures are based on real fossil evidence and the colouration is based on scientific theory and interpretation.  Hence the blood red plates on the Stegosaur and the spotted coat of the Parasaurolophus (excellent camouflage in woodland habitats).  Parasaurolophus may have inhabited more forested areas than other hadrosaurs such as Corythosaurus.

Palaeontologists studying the Campanian deposits of the Dinosaur Provincial Park formation have noted that a greater proportion of Corythosaurus remains have been discovered compared to animals such as Parasaurolophus.  This could indicate that corythosaurs inhabited areas close to rivers and lakes (areas where fossilisation is more likely to take place), whereas Parasaurolophus may have preferred drier woodland habitats.  One theory about the unusual shape of the Parasaurolophus head crest is that it may have been used as a type of “plough” pushing branches out of the way, to help the animal move through forests.  It is because of this theory that the spotted coat has been painted, a coat such as this would have provided excellent camouflage in such environments.

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