A Beautiful Sinosauropteryx Fossil

Some of the fossils from China, such as the little feathered dinosaurs from Liaoning Province are exquisitely detailed.  Below is a picture of the head of Sinosauropteryx which shows some amazing detail.

The head shows the distinctive covering of proto-feathers on the nape of the neck.  Close inspection reveals that the covering of tufts of feathers covered virtually the entire body.

Sinosauropteryx fossil material.

Sinosauropteryx on display – the first feathered dinosaur described.

 Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Sinosauropteryx Dinosaur Fossil

The photograph (above) was taken by an Everything Dinosaur team member.  The head of the little dinosaur is towards the top of the photograph, the long, hind limbs are on the right.

The Chinese model making company PNSO have made a small, colourful model of this theropod dinosaur.

PNSO Sinosauropteryx dinosaur model.

PNSO Yuyan the Sinosauropteryx dinosaur model.

To view the Yuyan the Sinosauropteryx dinosaur model and the other figures in the PNSO range of prehistoric animal figures: PNSO Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.