Getting your Picture in the Papers

The things we get asked to do.  As Everything Dinosaur grows and continues to thrive we often get the opportunity to feature in magazines and newspapers.  Dinosaurs tend to be very photogenic (although people like me are less so), and journalists always seem to be interested in what we are doing which is great as articles are a valuable form of communication for a small business such as ourselves.

We have been fortunate to have been featured in a number of national daily newspapers as well as regionals, local radio and of course the specialist scientific publications.  Everything Dinosaur is a very unusual company with its own unique culture and personality.

Picture into the Papers

Editors are always looking out for stories, the more out of the ordinary the better and there are few companies that can claim to sell dinosaurs for a living as we do.  With our mission to help young people learn more about Earth sciences, we tend to get some very good publicity, especially when we get involved with schools or other parts of the local community.

Fortunately, like I said earlier dinosaurs are very photogenic but the likes of me are less so, and when it comes to posing for a photograph I usually end up being put into all sorts of funny situations.  Take as an example the photo taken of me for an article in the Stoke-on-Trent Sentinel which appeared last Monday (June 18th).  The photographer asked me to roar at a Tyrannosaurus rex – I did, and guess what was used as the picture for the article…

It does not really matter to me, the article was good publicity and I am sure that the more unusual the photograph the more likely the story is to be published.  There are not many people who get asked to roar at a plastic blow-up dinosaur, but it was a funny feeling never-the-less.  I am sure the photographer gets many bizarre assignments and has done more peculiar photo shoots in her time, but my picture has already been stuck up on the warehouse wall for Tony and Mark to have a good laugh at.

Never mind, such is the price of fame.

Our thanks to the Sentinel news team, the Picture Editor and the Sentinel for their permission to publish the photograph.

Tomorrow our works outing – we are off to Chester Zoo.  We sponsor the Broad-nosed crocodiles so we are off to visit them, hope the weather is better.

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