Our thanks to prehistoric animal model fan William who sent into Everything Dinosaur a review of the Haolonggood Carnotaurus model.  William’s first review focused on the grey-coloured version know as Zhou Tong.  This is a 1:35 scale replica of the famous South American abelisaurid Carnotaurus sastrei.

The Haolonggood Carnotaurus is available in two distinct colour schemes.  There is Zhou Tong with its greyish tones and this figure contrasts nicely with the other Haolonggood Carnotaurus.  The second figure is known as Li Zhong.  This model is a dusky brown colour.

Haolonggood Carnotaurus models.

Two new Haolonggood Carnotaurus models are coming into stock at Everything Dinosaur. The grey-coloured figure (Zhou Tong) is seen on the left. The other, dusky brown Haolonggood Carnotaurus (Li Zhong) is on the right.

The Haolonggood Carnotaurus Model (Zhou Tong)

In his review, William explained that he had begun to collect Haolonggood figures as he liked the idea of buying models in pairs or trios.  In addition, he explained that he thought Zhou Tong was the male Carnotaurus.  Whereas the brown-coloured Li Zhong was probably the female.  The reviewer explained that he had seen similar colour patterns in extant birds such as fowls.  The male being silver or grey in colour with its mate being either brown or wheat coloured.

Both figures measure approximately 22.5 cm in length and stand a fraction under 10 centimetres high. Each Haolonggood Carnotaurus has an articulated lower jaw.

William praised the design team at Haolonggood for their chosen colours.  These colours would help to camouflage these predators as they hunted at twilight or dawn.

The new for 2024 Haolonggood Carnotaurus model (Zhou Tong).

The new for 2024 Haolonggood Carnotaurus sastrei figure shown in left lateral view.

When asked to comment about Zhou Tong the reviewer exclaimed:

“It is a great all-round figure from sculpt to colouration.  Haolonggood have made a rather classy Carnotaurus sastrei, and at a great price too.”

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Praising Everything Dinosaur

William concluded his dinosaur model review by praising Everything Dinosaur.  He explained that the legion of prehistoric animal figure collectors truly valued the work of Everything Dinosaur team members.  He highlighted the company’s commitment to using quality packaging materials and pointed out that Everything Dinosaur had recently won an international award for customer service.  In addition, the reviewer praised Everything Dinosaur for the swift delivery of parcels.

“From searching the leading brands to all the tireless efforts to get the stock from suppliers into the company warehouse and onto customers.  Patrons of Everything Dinosaur can have the highest confidence in this UK-based business.”

William ended his review by stating that without the presence of Everything Dinosaur many collectors would miss out on dinosaur figures.

Our thanks to William for sending into Everything Dinosaur his Haolonggood Carnotaurus model review.

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