New Nanmu Studio King of the Giant Apes Resin Figure in Stock

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The remarkable Nanmu Studio King of the Giant Apes resin model is in stock at Everything Dinosaur. It is a spectacular replica of a giant ape.  Team members have been busy contacting all those customers and movie monster fans who wanted this new figure. The model pays tribute to “King Kong” and its arrival coincides with the latest film in the Kong and Godzilla franchise.

King of the Giant Apes

The Nanmu Studio new for 2024 King of the Giant Apes resin replica.  This is a stunning resin figure of a famous movie monster.

King of the Giant Apes Rage

The Nanmu Studio King of the Giant Apes Rage is supplied with a beautiful display base, complete with human remains to provide a fitting scale to this giant of the cinema.  The actual model measures around twenty-three centimetres in height.  The display base is approximately fifteen centimetres long and around ten and a half centimetres wide.  A peg permits the figure to be securely inserted into the display base.  The model is described as a collectable with an age restriction of fifteen years upwards.  It is a superb, highly collectable Nanmu Studio Dragon Soul King of the Apes statue.

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Nanmu Studio "King of the Giant Apes" Fury.

The limited-edition Nanmu Studio “King of the Giant Apes” known as Fury.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that this was a limited-edition figure.  The model shows incredible detail and the scars on the chest and the realistic fur was praised. The spokesperson explained that the figure requires a little bit of assembly.  The arms have to be inserted in special sockets.  It only takes a few seconds to assembly the model and insert it onto its spectacular display base.  No glue is required, but the Everything Dinosaur spokesperson did comment that the limbs could be glued into place if preferred.

The spokesperson added:

“This new Nanmu Studio King of the Giant Apes figure is fantastic.  It looks amazing and we can’t wait to pose it next to some T. rex figures.  We can recreate a famous scene from a film.  Or perhaps we could place this model next to a replica of Godzilla.”

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