The new Nanmu Studio Zero-Set Easy Motion articulated Velociraptor models are now in stock at Everything Dinosaur. We have Blood Knight and the White Queen.  These new dinosaur models are part of an innovative model series.  Nanmu Studio intends to introduce more articulated dinosaur figures.

Articulated Velociraptor models from Nanmu Studio.

The new for 2024 Nanmu Studio Zero-Set Easy Motion Velociraptor models.  The White Queen figure is on the right (foreground).  The Nanmu Studio Zero-Set Easy Motion Velociraptor Blood Knight is on the left (background).

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur praised these new models and added:

“White Queen and Blood Knight each have twenty-four points of articulation.  Each figure is supplied with a display stand and the models have flexible tails.  The packaging is cleverly designed too.”

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Articulated Velociraptor Models

These articulated Velociraptor figures measure around thirty-five centimetres in length. The head height of the models is approximately thirteen centimetres. Everything Dinosaur team members have designated these models as collectable prehistoric animal models (15+).  Some assembly is required.  For example, the tail has to be inserted into the body of the Velociraptor.  We recommend that the tail is dipped in hot water, or warmed with a hairdryer before the figure is assembled.  This should make inserting the tail easier.  In addition, a smear of vegetable oil can be added to the ball joint in the body to help with the insertion.

The Blood Knight Velociraptor is darker in colour, and it has a row of quills on the back of its head.  These quills are the only representation of feathers on the figures.

Nanmu Studio articulated Velociraptor models.

The beautiful packaging of the Nanmu Studio Velociraptor figures. The Blood Knight packaging (top) and the White Queen packaging (bottom). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Nanmu Studio Figures

Each figure has a total of twenty-four points of articulation.  The models will be supplied with a free Everything Dinosaur Velociraptor fact sheet.  There are plans to introduce Carnotaurus figures into this articulated series in the near future.

The design team at Nanmu Studio are to be congratulated for producing such excellent dinosaur figures.

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