Our thanks to talented artist Caldey who sent into Everything Dinosaur an illustration of a synapsid, a very festive Lystrosaurus. This Permian/Triassic dicynodont has been given a Christmas hat and a collar with small bells attached. It is a very festive looking herbivore.

A festive Lystrosaurus
A very festive looking dicynodont. A Lystrosaurus one of the last of its kind, a dicynodont that survived into the Triassic and thrived after the Permian mass extinction event. Caldey has given this herbivore a Christmas hat, and a set of its very own jingle bells. Picture credit: Caldey.

A Festive Lystrosaurus

In the recently released “Jurassic Park Dominion” (summer 2022), fans of prehistoric animals would have spotted a Lystrosaurus in the scenes shot in Malta. We think that Caldey was inspired by this animal’s appearance in the film, and she has created a splendid drawing of a Lystrosaurus getting into the festive spirit.

Our thanks to Caldey for sending in this super illustration to Everything Dinosaur.

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