Our thanks to dinosaur fan and model collector William who sent into Everything Dinosaur a detailed PNSO Deinocheirus review accompanied by some additional facts and information about this bizarre Late Cretaceous theropod.

Jacques the PNSO Deinocheirus mirificus

PNSO Jacques the Deinocheirus model.
The beautifully painted, feathered theropod – Jacques the Deinocheirus dinosaur model.

The reviewer praises PNSO for being able to get this item into production quickly. Jacques the Deinocheirus is described as “a bold but extremely welcome final gift to end their 2022 releases”. The reviewer also commented that this bizarre theropod had an increased profile due to its appearance in the award-winning television series “Prehistoric Planet”.

Super Duck!

William confesses that he was previously not a big fan of the “Super Duck” theropod, but the PNSO figure has persuaded him to add this dinosaur model to his collection. He compliments the design team for the detailed head sculpt, including the articulated jaw and the anatomical accuracy of the dinosaur’s bill. The reviewer marks the head as a 10 out of 10!

PNSO Jacques the Deinocheirus dinosaur model.
A close-up view of the elongated beak of the Deinocheirus model, this dinosaur has an articulated lower jaw.

PNSO Deinocheirus Review

Turning his attention to the main body sculpt, William compares the hump-backed appearance of this model to the neural spines found in the very distantly related Spinosaurus. The plumage is praised, and the feather sculpting is singled out for additional comment, with the reviewer stating that he would have purchased the model for its excellent plumage alone.

William states that in life Deinocheirus would have been a robust and massive animal and one best avoided by predators as it grazed. The tail fan is complimented although no cloaca could be detected on the figure, the presence of the feathers obscuring this anatomical detail. The long powerful tail reminded the reviewer of the large plumes of feathers found on the wings of ostriches.

PNSO Jacques the Deinocheirus dinosaur model.
The PNSO Jacques the Deinocheirus dinosaur model.

The Forearm and Hindlimbs

The hands with their massive claws are described and the musculature of the forelimbs is commented upon. The integumentary covering is praised with the reviewer stating:

“In case you wonder, yes, PNSO did not slack! All under wings and body feathers are fully recreated in the finest detail.”

The large hip muscles of “Super Duck” are singled out for comment and the robust weight-bearing toes with their blunt claws are praised.

When commenting on the colour scheme chosen for the model, William explains that the tip of the bill is coloured tan brown with the reminder a rich yellow with a dark wash.

The flanks are a mixture of dark grey with black and white edging. The grey colour scheme continues down to the tip of the tail ending in a crown of white feathers with wide, grey and white bands to provide contrast.

William adds:

“The neural spine is reminiscent of a snow-topped mountain peak with a beige border separating the main body colouration.”

PNSO Deinocheirus model measurements.
The PNSO Deinocheirus model measures 29.2 cm long and the head stands some 12.5 cm off the ground.

Providing Further Information on the Deinocheirus Figure

In his detailed review, William provided more information about the PNSO Deinocheirus model:

Scale: 1:32

Length: 11.4 inches

Height: 4.8 inches

In addition, he explained that the figure is supplied with a clear, plastic support stand, along with an A3-sized colour poster, a 64-page, illustrated booklet and a QR code which permits access to a short video about the model.

PNSO Deinocheirus and Sinopliosaurus
The two, new for 2022 PNSO model arrivals (early November 2022), the PNSO Jacques the Deinocheirus (top) and (bottom) the Chongzuo the Sinopliosaurus figure. The free Sinopliosaurus fact sheet can be seen underneath the boxes. Our thanks to William for his comprehensive Deinocheirus review. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

As well as providing a detailed review, William also supplied information on Deinocheirus and the history of its fossil discovery:

  • Time Period – Late Cretaceous 71-69 million years ago
  • Location – Nemegt Basin of the Gobi Desert (Mongolia)
  • Environment – An extensive river delta with a climate similar to that of tropical Africa or South America today

A Polish/Mongolian expedition uncovered the first fossil evidence of this theropod (1965). The fossils consisted of postcranial elements including three dorsal vertebrae and a complete shoulder girdle with the forelimbs, minus the claws from the right hand.

The dinosaur was formally described and named Deinocheirus mirificus in 1970.

William explained that work undertaken between 2012 and 2017 to find more specimens and to recover fossils in private collections led to a comprehensive reassessment of this dinosaur.

Classification: Theropoda.
Clade: Ornithomimosauria.
Family: Deinocheiridae.
Genus: Deinocheirus.
Type species: Deinocheirus mirificus.

Weight: 6-7 tonnes.
Length: 36 feet.
Height: 11-12 feet.

PNSO Deinocheirus Review

Concluding his review William opined:

“Jacques is the greatest Deinocheirus mirificus ever created and if you are a serious collector, it is a must, the model will be the crown jewel in any collection.”

The reviewer also praised the efforts of Everything Dinosaur in sourcing prehistoric animal figures and the rapid delivery service the company offers.

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