Whilst on a trip to Liverpool team members at Everything Dinosaur took the opportunity to briefly visit the fabulous Liverpool World Museum and meet up with some old friends. On the fourth floor in the dinosaur gallery there are some cases that display dinosaur replicas, typical examples of the fauna associated with a geological period, although our visit was short, we were able to take a photograph of the Jurassic dinosaur models that were on display.

Liverpool World Museum Jurassic dinosaurs.
An exhibit at Liverpool World Museum showcasing typical Jurassic dinosaurs. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Jurassic Dinosaur Models

The display case shows a Stegosaurus (left), a sauropod (centre) and a replica of a theropod dinosaur (right). Everything Dinosaur does not know when the models were commissioned or installed but the exhibit could have been first set up in the 1970s. This display case has been a part of the Museum’s Earth Gallery for as long as we can remember.

The models, although carefully crafted, provide what is now a very outdated view of typical members of the Dinosauria. There is a certain nostalgia for exhibits such as this. Whilst it is acknowledged that this is not a modern depiction, over the years, we have grown rather fond of this trio of dinosaurs and others like them that adorn the display cabinets.

When visiting the fourth floor of the Liverpool World Museum to view the collection of fossils and the casts of dinosaurs on display, it is always a highlight of our visit to take a moment or two to reacquaint ourselves with some old friends.