A collection of beautiful prehistoric animal illustrations by renowned, British palaeoartist John Sibbick is to be auctioned later this month (September 2022). The pencil and gouache drawings are part of a huge art collection amassed by Anthony Beeson.

Tyrannosaur attacks a hadrosaur
A tyrannosaur attacks a hadrosaur. Stunning artwork in the collection of the late Anthony Beeson. Picture credit: John Sibbick.

A Lifetime of Prehistoric Animal Art Collecting

Polymath Anthony Beeson was the creative driving force behind the highly successful, award-winning dinosaur and prehistoric animal figure series manufactured by CollectA. In the attic of his modest home on the outskirts of Bristol, he kept his huge collection of dinosaur books, toys and other prehistoric animal themed memorabilia. He spent nearly four decades as the Art Librarian at Bristol’s central library and his eclectic range of interests from fine art, ceramics, antique jewellery and pottery are reflected in his personal collection. He had a fascination for and a great knowledge of Roman and Greek art and archaeology and amassed an enormous number of artefacts and curios.

With Anthony’s sad passing earlier this year, an auction has been organised by the Estate executors so that some of Anthony’s treasured possessions can be passed onto other collectors to enjoy.

Tyrannosaur resting by John Sibbick
The original pencil drawing of a resting Albertosaurus by John Sibbick, part of the estate of the late Anthony Beeson.

The Auction

Some of this amazing collection, reflecting a lifetime of collecting is being auctioned later this month (September 2022) by the auctioneers Chorley’s, details of which can be found here: Chorley’s the Auctioneers.

The auction featuring Anthony’s collection of John Sibbick palaeoart is to take place on the 20th and 21st September (2022) and on-line bidding will be available. This is an opportunity for fans of prehistoric animal art to purchase original pencil and gouache drawings by John Sibbick.

An illustration of the hadrosaurid Mandschurosaurus by John Sibbick.
An illustration of the hadrosaurid Mandschurosaurus by John Sibbick. Part of the estate of Anthony Beeson being auctioned by Chorley’s.
Foraging dinosaurs by John Sibbick
Foraging dinosaurs. Pencil artwork by John Sibbick. This illustration is part of the estate of the late Anthony Beeson.

A Rare Opportunity

Amongst the extensive lots are some original pencil and gouache dinosaur illustrations by renowned British artist, John Sibbick. Anthony often remarked to Everything Dinosaur team members how John Sibbick was his favourite palaeoartist and his work had influenced many of the prehistoric animal model designs that Anthony worked on for the CollectA range.

The auction is a rare opportunity to purchase original, signed artwork from a famous British artist, artwork that has been used to illustrate many books about prehistoric animals and dinosaurs.

Everything Dinosaur acknowledges the assistance of Laura Milne of Chorley’s for her assistance in the compilation of this article and permission to reproduce the images.

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