Prehistoric Times Magazine Fondly Remembers the Amazing Anthony Beeson

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Mike Fredericks, the editor of “Prehistoric Times” magazine has paid tribute to Anthony Beeson the inspiration behind the CollectA range of prehistoric animal models and figures. Sadly, Anthony passed away on April 1st this year (2022).

On page 5 of the latest edition (issue 142), Mike Fredericks included a short obituary and also remarked on the passing of John Lanzendorf.

Prehistoric Times magazine pays tribute to Anthony Beeson.
Mike Fredericks the editor of “Prehistoric Times” magazine pays tribute to Anthony Beeson who sadly passed away in April (2022).

A Great Friend of “Prehistoric Times” Magazine

Anthony was a great find of the magazine. He enjoyed writing articles and submitting them for publication. He often spoke to team members at Everything Dinosaur about his contribution to this quarterly magazine.

In paying tribute to Anthony, Mike Fredericks, the editor wrote:

“There is nothing I hate to have to report more than the death of great people that had a positive influence on this magazine or the world of dinosaurs or both. Anthony Beeson passed on April 1st, 2022. From his home in England, Anthony designed the prehistoric animal figures that CollectA produced.”

Everything Dinosaur receives a large shipment of CollectA prehistoric animal figures.
Examples of the huge range of prehistoric animal models designed by Anthony Beeson. There are around 160 models in the CollectA Prehistoric World model range.

Mike Fredericks went onto add:

“You would read his comments whenever Randy or I reviewed their new figures because he was always kind enough to send us descriptions which we often repeated to you. He was talented and a great friend to this magazine.”

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that a reader had suggested that the magazine provide short obituaries to commemorate the passing of influential figures in the world of palaeontology, palaeoart and prehistoric animal model collecting. Anthony was a fan of this publication, and he enjoyed reading the comments about the models that he had designed.

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