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Everything Dinosaur’s customer newsletter for September features the latest Rebor replicas to arrive, a chance to purchase rare Rebor museum quality Titanoboas and two CollectA deluxe dinosaurs including the recently introduced CollectA deluxe Triceratops horridus dinosaur model.

The new Rebor non-scale, diorama display bases “Summer Kisses and “Winter Tears” provide the headlines for our latest customer communication.

Rebor Summer Kisses and Winter Tears display bases.
The Rebor “Summer Kisses” and “Winter Tears” display bases feature in Everything Dinosaur’s September newsletter. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Everything Dinosaur’s Customer Newsletter – Rebor Replicas

“Summer Kisses” and “Winter Tears” are the first, bespoke diorama bases to be introduced into Rebor’s extensive model range. They contain amazing detail and the tree stump featured on the bases provides extra support and stability for Rebor replicas. To read about these exciting new additions: Looking at “Winter Tears” and “Summer Kisses”.

Please note, the outer packaging for these figures has been damaged in transit to our warehouse. Whilst we have opened, inspected and checked all the display bases, unfortunately the outer packaging for the Rebor Non-scale Diorama bases is below the standard one would normally expect.

Rebor T. rex Models “Kiss” and “Tusk”

Also prominent in Everything Dinosaur’s customer newsletter are the two new Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex models “Kiss” and “Tusk”. The “Kiss” T. rex figure has been given lips, whilst “Tusk” reflects a more conventional view with T. rex being lipless and having an overbite.

Both newly introduced theropod replicas have proved to be extremely popular with model collectors.

Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex figures "Kiss" and "Tusk".
The two new for 2022 Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex models feature in Everything Dinosaur’s September customer newsletter. The Rebor “Tusk” a dinosaur model without lips and an overbite is left, whilst the lipped Rebor “Kiss is “right”. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Rebor Titanoboa Museum Class Maquettes

Customers who have subscribed to Everything Dinosaur’s free newsletter have also been given an update on the availability of the two special-edition Rebor Titanoboa maquettes “Brian Diccus” and “Monty Resurgent”. These 1:11 scale replicas were originally introduced in 2021 but are now becoming increasingly rare and difficult to obtain. Fortunately, for model collectors Everything Dinosaur does still have these figures in stock.

To view the wide selection of Rebor models available from Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Replicas Figures and Models.

Rebor Titanoboa figures.
The two, special-edition Rebor Titanoboa Museum Class maquettes feature in the latest Everything Dinosaur customer newsletter. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric World Figures

The latest edition of the Everything Dinosaur customer newsletter also features the recently arrived CollectA Deluxe Triceratops horridus model and highlights the best-selling CollectA Deluxe Edmontosaurus. These ornithischian models demonstrate the quality of workmanship associated with the CollectA ranges.

CollectA Deluxe Triceratops horridus and CollectA Edmontosaurus
The Everything Dinosaur September newsletter features the recently arrived CollectA Deluxe Triceratops horridus and the best-selling CollectA Deluxe Edmontosaurus. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

To view the range of CollectA deluxe figures in stock: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric World Models.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur explained that the company sends out informative and helpful product updates from time to time and recommended that model collectors subscribe.

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