The new for 2022 CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Triceratops horridus dinosaur model is now in stock at Everything Dinosaur. This dinosaur scale model is based on the most complete T. horridus fossil specimen known to science. The fossils, excavated from Hell Creek Formation deposits in Montana (USA), are now part of a major, permanent dinosaur exhibition at Melbourne Museum (Victoria, Australia).

CollectA Triceratops horridus 1:40 scale model.
CollectA Triceratops horridus dinosaur model (left lateral view). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Triceratops horridus

The CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Triceratops horridus is the last of the new for 2022 figures to arrive at Everything Dinosaur and continues a recent trend to have new CollectA figures named after a specific species and not a genus.

Another new for 2022 figure, the pterosaur model Pteranodon sternbergi, which came into stock at Everything Dinosaur a few months ago, also represents a distinct species. This model was introduced in this format to distinguish it from the Pteranodon (P. longiceps) in 1:15 scale.

CollectA Deluxe Pteranodon sternbergi
The new for 2022 CollectA Pteranodon sternbergi model. A very colourful replica of a Late Cretaceous pterosaur sometimes referred to as Geosternbergia. This pterosaur figures continues the CollectA trend to introduce new figures based on a named species within a genus.

Accurately Depicting the Head and Neck of a Triceratops

The exhibit at Melbourne Museum is entitled “Triceratops: Fate of the Dinosaurs” and the Triceratops skeleton upon which this exhibition is based has been appropriately nicknamed “Horridus”. The design team at CollectA were able to use the fossilised skull of this dinosaur to help them accurately depict the head and the neck shield of this iconic ceratopsian.

The skull and neck frill of “Horridus” are the most complete of any known Triceratops specimen (more than 99% complete) and the assembled frill measures nearly 1.5 metres wide.

CollectA Triceratops horridus
A close-up view of the striking colouration on the head and neck shield of the new for 2022 CollectA Triceratops horridus dinosaur model. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

An Articulated Lower Jaw

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that this new CollectA figure had an articulated lower jaw. The jaw can be a little stiff and it does not open very wide. To ease the jaw, the head can be dipped into hot water for 2-3 seconds to help ease the movement of this articulated component of the model.

CollectA Triceratops horridus 1:40 scale dinosaur model.
The CollectA T. horridus ceratopsian figure in right lateral view. This Triceratops dinosaur model has an articulated lower jaw. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

The spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur added:

“The Triceratops horridus figure was one of the dinosaurs designed by the late Anthony Beeson. Anthony had explained to Everything Dinosaur how keen he was to create an updated Triceratops, a figure with skin texture reminiscent of recent fossil discoveries. He was very excited at the possibility of combining the evidence, on T. horridus skin texture, some of which remains unpublished, with the new anatomical details revealed by the Melbourne Museum specimen.”

CollectA Triceratops horridus 1:40 scale dinosaur model in anterior view.
The new for 2022 CollectA T. horridus dinosaur model in 1:40 scale (anterior view). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

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