The Everything Dinosaur blog consists of over 6,000 posts. The articles, features and news stories on the blog provide a valuable resource for teachers, academics and dinosaur fans. First started back in late May 2007, team members have built up an extensive library of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed posts. The site, like all websites, needs to be occasionally modified and updated to help maintain and improve the customer experience. Over the next few weeks, the Everything Dinosaur blog will be undergoing some maintenance.

The Everything Dinosaur blog is undergoing routine maintenance and new updates are being added. These changes are being made to improve the efficiency and function of the site.

An Enormous Weblog

A review of each and every article posted on the blog is being undertaken. This is an immense amount of work, as there are thousands of articles and millions of words on the site. This maintenance work has been structured to ensure that visitors can access the blog posts with the minimum of disruption. Viewers will not notice the work going on, but behind the scenes our trained Velociraptors will be working hard to ensure that the weblog is in tip-top condition.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We understand that our blog is very important to people, we will continue to post up articles and features whilst this work is going on. It will be business as usual for all the blog site visitors, but in the background we will be implementing changes to ensure our site is secure and provides the very best customer visitor experience. Around 3% of the site has been reviewed and checked over so far, but we intend to make rapid progress over the next few days.”

Everything Dinosaur Dodo model.
One of the first blog posts published by Everything Dinosaur fifteen years ago featured a model of Dodo that we had sourced for a customer. Team members still trace prehistoric animal models and figures requested by customers. Our commitment to customer service continues to be maintained.

The spokesperson for Everything Dinosaur commented that by the end of this year, team members would have posted up another 150 articles on the Everything Dinosaur blog and that the landmark of 7,000 blog posts was expected to be reached by the middle of 2025.