The new for 2022 Papo Protoceratops dinosaur model is in stock at Everything Dinosaur. This long-awaited replica of “first horned face”, the first of the new for 2022 prehistoric animal models from Papo is now available.

Papo Protoceratops in left lateral.
The Papo Protoceratops in left lateral view. This model of an early horned dinosaur has an articulated lower jaw.

Papo Protoceratops Dinosaur Model

The Papo Protoceratops dinosaur model is around sixteen centimetres long. The model stands about eight centimetres high when measured from the top of that impressive head shield. Everything Dinosaur announced that this figure would be produced and made available this year (2022), back in the late autumn of 2021.

The Papo Protoceratops in anterior view
Papo Protoceratops in anterior view. A close-up view of the impressive head shield of the Protoceratops. There are two eyespots painted on the headshield.

Papo Protoceratops with an Articulated Jaw

The Papo Protoceratops has been provided with a prominent beak for cropping tough vegetation and the model has an articulated lower jaw. The inside of the mouth has been well painted, and the Papo design team have provided the Protoceratops with rows of small white teeth in both the upper and lower jaw.

Papo Protoceratops dinosaur model.
A close-up view of the head of the Papo Protoceratops dinosaur model. The figure has been given a prominent beak and, in the mouth, the Papo design team have added some teeth to their model.
Papo Protoceratops model
Papo Protoceratops model in lateral view. In this image the mouth is open and some of the small, white teeth can be seen.

The Protoceratops Genus

The Protoceratops genus was erected in 1923 when the first species (P. andrewsi), was formally named and described (Granger and Gregory). The first fossils of this dinosaur were collected during the famous American Museum of Natural History expedition to the Gobi Desert. Protoceratops andrewsi is associated with the Mongolian Djadokhta Formation (Upper Cretaceous), a second species, the slightly larger Protoceratops hellenikorhinus was named and described in 2001 (Lambert et al). Fossils of P. hellenikorhinus are associated with the Bayan Mandahu Formation of Inner Mongolia (China).

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Both the Djadokhta Formation and the potentially contemporaneous Bayan Mandahu Formation represent arid, desert-like palaeoenvironments.

Papo Protoceratops dinosaur model.
Papo Protoceratops dinosaur model. This dinosaur model is one of three new Papo prehistoric animal models expected in stock in 2022.

Three Papo Prehistoric Animal Models Expected in 2022

The Papo Protoceratops dinosaur model is one of three Papo prehistoric animal models expected in 2022. A new colour variant of the Styracosaurus is expected in stock and, towards the end of the year (quarter 4), Papo are expected to introduce a model of a Mosasaurus.

Papo Protoceratops model
The new for 2022 Papo Protoceratops dinosaur model in posterior view.

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