New PNSO models, the Torosaurus pair, Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus and Xinchuan the Sinraptor all feature in the latest Everything Dinosaur customer newsletter. In addition, fresh stocks of the PNSO Olorotitan, Tsintaosaurus and Harvey the Iguanodon have arrived, and these ornithischians also feature in the latest customer newsletter.

PNSO Torosaurus pair feature in customer newsletter.
The Torosaurus adult and juvenile pair (Aubrey and Dabei) are featured in Everything Dinosaur’s latest customer newsletter.

Torosaurus Pair and a Pair of Theropod Dinosaurs

The new for 2022 Torosaurus adult and juvenile (Aubrey and Dabei) have arrived in stock. A pair of Torosaurus dinosaur models in 1:35 scale complete with posters and a full-colour information booklet.

Two new PNSO theropods also feature, namely Xinchuan the Sinraptor and the eagerly awaited Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur model.

PNSO Xinchuan the Sinraptor and Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur models.
Two theropod dinosaurs, the PNSO Xinchuan the Sinraptor and Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur models feature in Everything Dinosaur’s latest customer newsletter.

PNSO Dinosaurs

Not to be outdone, there are some plant-eating dinosaurs too showcased amongst the theropod duo. The Everything Dinosaur newsletter also features the 1:35 scale PNSO Xiaoqin the Tsintaosaurus which comes complete with full-colour booklet and posters. The newsletter also highlights Harvey the Iguanodon, another splendid plant-eating dinosaur model in 1/35th scale.

PNSO Tsintaosaurus and Iguanodon feature in customer newsletter.
The stunning PNSO Xiaoqin the Tsintaosaurus and the amazing PNSO Harvey the Iguanodon are back in stock at Everything Dinosaur. Both these members of the Ornithischia feature in Everything Dinosaur’s latest customer newsletter.

Olorotitan and Celebrating Everything Dinosaur’s Blog

The latest issue of the newsletter also features the return into stock of the greatly admired PNSO Ivan the Olorotitan model. This plant-eating dinosaur figure was introduced in late 2021, it has been a top-seller ever since. The PNSO Ivan the Olorotitan is a beautifully detailed scale model.

PNSO Ivan the Olorotitan and celebrating the Everything Dinosaur blog
The PNSO Ivan the Olorotitan is back in stock, and we celebrate posting up our 6,000th blog article.

The newsletter also included a short section on Everything Dinosaur’s free to access blog. The company recently celebrated posting up their 6,000th blog post. For the last fifteen years a new post has been uploaded every day! The Everything Dinosaur blog contains news about dinosaurs, the latest research, articles about model collecting, updates on fossil finds and lots and lots of helpful information and dinosaur facts.

The Everything Dinosaur newsletter is sent out periodically to subscribers, it contains updates on new products, competitions, exclusive information and support.

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