The recently aired television documentary series “Prehistoric Planet” has drawn praise for the way it depicted long extinct creatures as real animals and not movie monsters. This five-part series aimed to show animals such as marine reptiles, pterosaurs and of course dinosaurs doing more than just fighting, hunting and killing.

The stunning episodes have inspired a whole new generation of dinosaur fans and we have received an illustration of the female Velociraptor that featured in episode three (Freshwater), from young artist Caldey.

Female Velociraptor drawing from "Prehistoric Planet".
The female Velociraptor from the television documentary series “Prehistoric Planet”. The programmes were praised as they depicted prehistoric animals as living creatures rather than fearsome movie monsters. Picture credit: Caldey.

Hunting Roosting Pterosaurs

Our thanks to Caldey for sending into Everything Dinosaur her wonderful illustration of the female Velociraptor. This dinosaur was one of a trio of Velociraptors (a female and two males), in a segment showing these agile predators hunting roosting pterosaurs. Co-operative hunting behaviour was demonstrated and these clever theropods, after some drama, did manage to get a meal.

Female Velociraptor from the television series "Prehistoric Planet"
The female Velociraptor from episode 3 of the television series “Prehistoric Planet”. In this episode entitled “Freshwater” a trio of Velociraptors were shown co-operating in a successful hunt on a pterosaur nesting colony. Picture credit: Apple TV+.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Caldey has sent into Everything Dinosaur several dromaeosaurid drawings, but the female Velociraptor illustration is the first that was inspired by a television programme. Her inspiration for earlier dromaeosaur illustrations has come from prehistoric animal models, for example, the limited-edition Beasts of the Mesozoic Velociraptor osmolskae figure called Alpha.”

Velociraptor osmolskae illustrated
An illustration of Velociraptor osmolskae inspired by the limited-edition Beasts of the Mesozoic model called “Alpha”. Picture credit: Caldey.

To read an article about the television series “Prehistoric Planet”: “Prehistoric Planet” on TV.

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