Everything Dinosaur has thousands of customers and ships dinosaur models and prehistoric animal merchandise to over a hundred countries. We have a 5-star service rating and award-winning customer service and as part of website updates and improvements we will be emphasising this on the home page.

Team members have been busy creating a small logo to emphasis our trusted delivery service and here is one of the designs that we have come up with.

Everything Dinosaur Trust Us to Deliver
Trust Everything Dinosaur to deliver. Team members have been busy creating a new icon for the website to emphasis our fine record of shipping dinosaur and prehistoric animal merchandise overseas.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“We can use the “e” from our logo and trademark to create the wheels for our delivery vehicle and we designed a dinosaur driver in keeping with the theme of our website. It was just for a bit of fun, but we do take our award-winning customer service and our excellent record for shipping overseas, extremely seriously.”

The updated and improved Everything Dinosaur website is currently undergoing testing and it is hoped to go live later in the summer (2022).

Everything Dinosaur specialises in the sale of dinosaur and prehistoric animal models and figures. Working in association with museums and other related educational bodies the UK-based company aims to create a marketplace for accurate, exciting, imaginative and educational products.

To visit the Everything Dinosaur website, click this link here: Everything Dinosaur.