The new for 2022 Schleich Amargasaurus dinosaur model has arrived at our warehouse and is now in stock at Everything Dinosaur. This is the first of five new prehistoric animal figures from Schleich expected to arrive and it is a fantastic figure of a South American sauropod.

Schleich Amargasaurus dinosaur model
The model measures around 25.5 cm long, the head is approximately 7 cm off the ground and the neural spines along the neck are approximately 10.5 cm high.

An Impressive Size for a South American Sauropod

The figure is considerably chunkier than other Amargasaurus replicas and like many Schleich models it is pleasing to handle and quite tactile. No doubt this figure will prove popular in creative and imaginative play. The model measures around 25.5 cm in length, although because of the slight bend in the tail the figure is actually a little bigger. The head is approximately 7 cm off the ground and that magnificent double line of neural spines, complete with the thin flap of skin running between the spines is around 10.5 cm high.

As with other members of the Dicraeosauridae family of sauropods the external nares (nostrils), were located on the top of the skull. It is pleasing to note that the Schleich Amargasaurus dinosaur model reflects this anatomical feature found in the actual fossil material.

Close-up view of the Schleich Amargasaurus dinosaur model
A close-up view of the new for 2022 Schleich Amargasaurus model. A stunning model of a sauropod from South America.

In Stock at Everything Dinosaur

Team members have been busy checking over the models, before booking them into stock and allocating them a bay in our warehouse. Whilst examining the figures, discussion turned to the correct term that would be applied to describe a herd of these Early Cretaceous dinosaurs. We are not sure whether a collective noun for a group of Amargasaurus dinosaurs has ever been coined. As the original scientific paper was written in Spanish, perhaps a word from this language to describe a group of these long-necked dinosaurs might be appropriate.

Could a group of amargasaurs be described as an ensamblaje (assemblage)?

Schleich Amargasaurus dinosaur models
We are not sure what the collective noun is for a group of Amargasaurus dinosaur models. Some of the recently arrived Schleich Amargasaurus dinosaur models are set aside ready for checking over before they are added to the stock.

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