An Exclusive Everything Dinosaur Video Showcase

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We at Everything Dinosaur get lots of feedback and suggestions from our customers and we are grateful for the comments that we receive. We read them all carefully and where we can, we implement customer recommendations.

Take for example, a suggestion we have had from several of our customers – wouldn’t it be great if there were short product videos on the Everything Dinosaur website, so visitors could get a really good look at the item before buying. A video showcasing the prehistoric animal model would help a potential customer to make an informed purchase decision.

Everything Dinosaur listens to its customers, we aim to create short 30-60 second videos and embed them into our website.

Here is a short YouTube video that explains our plans and reveals the first figure to receive a “video showcase” – the Rebor Smilodon populator Stray Cat in the plain colour version.

Should Everything Dinosaur put short Product Videos on its Website? Everything Dinosaur asks customers for their comments.

Rebor Smilodon populator Video Showcase

As well as seeing images supplied by the model manufacturer, visitors to Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur could get access to a short video that provides a showcase for the prehistoric animal model. Potential customers can view a video of the actual model, allowing them to see how the articulated jaws works, how much movement the flexible tail provides and they can gain an appreciation of the build quality.

In the case of the Rebor Smilodon populator Stray Cat figures, our video showcase demonstrates how easy it is to swap the heads over, allowing the figure to be displayed with either its mouth open or closed.

Rebor Smilodon model "plain".
The Rebor Smilodon populator Stray Cat in the “plain” colour scheme. The model is supplied with two interchangeable heads, one showing the mouth open, the other with the mouth closed as seen here. The Everything Dinosaur video showcase permits customers to see how easy it is to change the heads.

Plans to Make More Product Video Showcases

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that the company still intended to produce other videos such as more detailed model reviews, updates on new model introductions and videos providing hints and tips for collectors.

He explained:

“At the request of our customers, we plan to embed into our product pages short videos less than a minute in length that provide a visual guide to the figure, its packaging and the box contents. We have been asked to include footage of a person holding the model, viewers can instantly judge how big the figure is.”

Rebor Smilodon populator Stray Cat Plain
The Rebor Smilodon populator Museum Class Replica Stray Cat Plain displayed with its mouth open. This Rebor replica in 1:11 scale is the subject of a short YouTube video produced by team members at Everything Dinosaur.

Providing Model Measurements

The model video showcase will permit us to reinforce the printed information we include about products on the Everything Dinosaur website. We do measure models and figures ourselves and post up this information under the “additional information” link on the product page, but we can also state the measurements and show any declared scale in the “video showcase”.

Rebor Smilodon populator (plain colour variant)
A still from the Rebor Smilodon populator (Stray Cat) in the plain colour variant video showcase highlighting the model’s measurements and declared scale.

To view the Rebor Smilodon populator model and the rest of the Rebor replica range available from Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Models and Figures.

Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel is jam-packed with prehistoric animal videos. The channel contains lots of helpful information for dinosaur fans and model collectors: Subscribe to Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.