The last batch of 2021 CollectA Prehistoric Life models are in stock at Everything Dinosaur. The last of the new for 2021, not-to-scale CollectA figures, the Elasmosaurus, the ammonite Pravitoceras and the mini dinosaurs model set 3 are now available from the 5-star rated, UK-based mail order company.

New for 2021 CollectA Prehistoric Life Models
Some of the new for 2021 CollectA prehistoric life models. The new heteromorph ammonite Pravitoceras (top left), the CollectA Elasmosaurus model (top right) and (lower right) the CollectA Mini Dinosaurs set 3.

CollectA Mollusc Models

The new CollectA heteromorphic ammonite Pravitoceras joins a growing line-up of invertebrate models in the Prehistoric Life range. Molluscs are particularly well-represented with a homomorphic (planispiral, regularly coiled shells) ammonite Pleuroceras, a belemnite, a nautilus (N. pompilius) and an Orthoceras replica already in the range.

CollectA Arthropods and Cephalopods new for 2020.
New CollectA arthropods and cephalopods. The new for 2021 ammonite model – Pravitoceras continues the trend of CollectA introducing replicas of important zonal fossils that assist with the dating of strata (biostratigraphy).

CollectA Elasmosaurus and Other Elasmosaurids

The new CollectA Elasmosaurus is the second elasmosaurid replica to be added to the CollectA Prehistoric Life range and the third member of the Elasmosauridae family to be represented by a CollectA figure. There was a replica of Hydrotherosaurus introduced in 2008, it was joined by the Elasmosaurus in the not-to-scale Prehistoric Life range, whilst in the CollectA Deluxe series, a replica of Thalassomedon was added in 2016.

CollectA Elasmosaurid Models
Members of the Elasmosauridae family represented by CollectA models. The new for 2021 CollectA Elasmosaurus (top). CollectA Hydrotherosaurus (middle) and (bottom) the CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Thalassomedon.

Hydrotherosaurus and Elasmosaurus are closely related, members of the subfamily the Elasmosaurinae whilst Thalassomedon is more distantly related to these two plesiosaurs, it having lived some 25 million years earlier than both Hydrotherosaurus and Elasmosaurus.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Over the last twelve years or so, the CollectA Prehistoric Life series has expanded and it now consists of over a hundred models. There are dinosaurs, ancient Palaeozoic creatures and plenty of marine reptiles too”.

To see the range of CollectA not-to-scale prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur: CollectA Prehistoric Life.