Everything Dinosaur can confirm that PNSO will add a replica of the controversial tyrannosaur Nanotyrannus to their mid-size model range. Logan the Nanotyrannus should be available from Everything Dinosaur in the late summer.

PNSO Nanotyrannus dinosaur model.
The new for 2021 PNSO Nanotyrannus dinosaur model.

The Controversy over Nanotyrannus

Nanotyrannus lancensis is a disputed taxon, attributed to fossil skeletal and skull specimens that overlapped in time and space with Tyrannosaurus rex. The shape of the skull that was constructed based on the disputed Nanotyrannus material is very different from that of T. rex, but palaeontologists now know that the body shape and skull morphology of the “king of the tyrant lizards” changed dramatically as this predator grew and matured.

PNSO Nanotyrannus

Named and described in 1988 (Bakker et al), based on a slender skull (CMNH 7541) from Lance Formation exposures in Montana, at the time the researchers concluded that the skull represented an adult animal, but this has been refuted by a number of authors since publication.

PNSO Nanotyrannus dinosaur model with an articulated jaw.
Like most of the other mid-size PNSO theropod figures, Logan the Nanotyrannus has an articulated lower jaw. The long and slender snout of Nanotyrannus on the PNSO model. Named and described in 1988, fossils assigned to N. lancensis are now believed to represent juvenile specimens of T. rex.

Nanotyrannus Model Measurements

The new for 2021 Nanotyrannus is the latest tyrannosauroid to be added to the PNSO mid-size model range following the introduction of the introduction of A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus and the recent announcements concerning Chuanzi the Tarbosaurus and Yinqi the Yutyrannus which are due to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur very soon (summer 2021).

The model measures 17 cm long and although PNSO does not propose a scale for their mid-size models, team members speculate that based on the original holotype material associated with Nanotyrannus which suggests an animal around 5.2 metres in length, the figure is in approximately 1:30 scale.

PNSO Logan the Nanotyrannus model measurements.
PNSO Logan the Nanotyrannus model measurements. The dinosaur figure is approximately 17 cm long with a head height of 6.5 cm.

It Could Represent a Model of a Juvenile T. rex

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“Whilst this taxon remains is dispute, model collectors and dinosaur fans will be delighted to see a replica of Nanotyrannus come into the PNSO model series. Recently, PNSO has focused on showcasing some of the remarkable fauna associated with the Late Cretaceous of North America and Logan the Nanotyrannus will be a welcome addition. It will no doubt foster a debate about whether Nanotyrannus is a valid genus but after all, this figure could always represent a juvenile T. rex and as such it will work well with the other Tyrannosaurus rex models that PNSO offers”.

PNSO Logan the Nanotyrannus.
A close view of the stunning head, neck and torso of the new for 2021 Nanotyrannus dinosaur model.

Supplied with a Transparent Support Stand

Logan the PNSO Nanotyrannus is supplied with a handy, transparent support stand to aid the replica’s stability when it is on display.

PNSO Nanotyrannus packaging
The new PNSO mid-size range Nanotyrannus is supplied with a clear support stand.

The PNSO Logan the Nanotyrannus dinosaur model is expected to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the late summer (summer 2021), to view the range of PNSO figures in models currently in stock: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs.

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