Team members at Everything Dinosaur have been preparing for the arrival of the new for 2021 PNSO prehistoric animal models. One of the new figures is a model of the horned dinosaur Machairoceratops (M. cronusi), which was formally named and described in 2016.

Perez the PNSO Machairoceratops Model

PNSO Machairoceratops replica.
PNSO Machairoceratops – a model of a horned dinosaur. This dinosaur figure is due in stock at Everything Dinosaur in early March 2021.

Preparing a Scale Drawing

As part of our preparations, we have been busy researching and writing a fact sheet all about “bent sword horn face”. One of the elements incorporated into our fact sheet is a scale drawing showing the estimated size of the animal. Classified as an early member of the Centrosaurinae (a sub-family within the Ceratopsidae), the exact size of this dinosaur remains uncertain, due to the lack of post cranial material although palaeontologists have proposed that this Campanian-aged horned dinosaur was around 6-7 metres in length. Fossils of this spectacular-looking horned dinosaur were recovered from strata in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument area of southern Utah (Wahweap Formation).

Everything Dinosaur’s Scale Drawing of Machairoceratops

Machairoceratops Scale Drawing
Everything Dinosaur has commissioned a scale drawing of Machairoceratops (M. cronusi) in preparation for the arrival of the PNSO dinosaur model.

Calculating a Scale for the Model

Although PNSO have not published a scale for their mid-size model range, we know how keen dinosaur model collectors are when it comes to assessing the scale of new dinosaur models.

The PNSO model measures just under 16 cm in length (157 mm). As a result, we estimate that this figure is in approximately 1:40 scale.

PNSO Perez the Machairoceratops Dimensions

Measurements of the PNSO Machairoceratops dinosaur model.
PNSO Machairoceratops measurements. The PNSO horned dinosaur model (M. cronusi) measures a fraction under 16 cm in length. As a guide, Everything Dinosaur estimate that this model is in approximately 1:40 scale.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Perez the Machairoceratops is one of eight new PNSO figures coming into stock, we expect these models to arrive at our warehouse in the second week of March.”

To view the PNSO prehistoric animal models and figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Models and Figures.

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