Rebor Oddities Compsognathus longipes Preserved Dissection Specimens Delayed

The two eagerly awaited Rebor Oddities Compsognathus longipes preserved dissection specimens have been delayed and they are not going to arrive on the 2nd of February as earlier stated.  Both the Rebor Oddities C. longipes replicas (preserved dissection specimen and the limited edition Victorian Goth version), have been despatched and they are currently on the water heading for the UK.  However, delays and difficulties with shipping and other global logistics related matters led to hold-ups prior to them leaving the factory and they are not likely to arrive before the end of the month (February 2021) or possibly into March.

Rebor Oddities Compsognathus longipes

The Rebor Oddities Compsognathus longipes Dissection Specimens

The Rebor Oddities Compsognathus longipes preserved dissection specimens.

The Rebor Oddities Compsognathus longipes preserved dissection specimens (standard on the left and the limited edition Victorian Goth version is shown on the right).

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“This is disappointing news but there is virtually no air freight available so these items, like many items at the moment are having to be sent by sea freight.  We apologise for this delay, but we have all the pre-orders for these two replicas safely stored on our database and the delay will only be for a few weeks.”

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Rebor Models Available for Pre-Order

These two models were originally launched and made available for pre-order in November 2020.  As Everything Dinosaur does not ask for payment upfront, there was no deposit to pay or any additional fees, those customers on the company’s pre-order lists merely have to wait a little longer for these two replicas.  There are huge delays and a lot of disruption in global distribution networks at the moment.

Everything Dinosaur notes that some companies insist on deposits or an upfront payment (sometimes even 100% of the order value), as part of the pre-order terms and conditions.  Customers may have spent or committed funds but will have longer to wait to receive their goods.  With Everything Dinosaur, this is not the case, we just ask our customers on our pre-order lists to be patient at this difficult time.

The spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur added:

“We have emailed all those customers who took up our offer of pre-ordering, informing them of the current situation.  We explained why the delay has occurred and they can rest assured that we are doing all we can to bring models and figures into stock as quickly as possible.”

Both Rebor Oddities Compsognathus longipes Preserved Dissection Specimens Featured in Everything Dinosaur’s November Newsletter

Rebor Compsognathus longipes preserved dissection specimens.

The Rebor Compsognathus longipes preserved dissection specimens featured in the Everything Dinosaur November 2020 newsletter.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Both the Rebor Oddities Compsognathus longipes preserved dissection specimens have been given a new availability date of Tuesday 2nd March.  The expected arrival date for these figures has been put back by four weeks.

Ironically, although stocks are quite low, both these figures are still available for pre-order and they can be found in this section: Rebor Models and Figures.