PNSO Audrey the Lambeosaurus Video Review

The latest additions to the PNSO mid-size model range have really got dinosaur fans and prehistoric animal model collectors excited.  Everything Dinosaur has worked with PNSO for many years, in fact we have the longest trading relationship with this company outside of China.  Audrey the Lambeosaurus is one of fourteen new for 2020/21 prehistoric animals that have been produced.  It is a very impressive hadrosaur model with a beautiful, reticulated colour scheme.  The figure has been given a gloss coat, so it has a wet-look appearance.  As one of our favourite PNSO figures, we have produced a short video review of it for our YouTube channel.

Everything Dinosaur Highlights the PNSO Lambeosaurus (Audrey the Lambeosaurus)

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

We recommend our YouTube video channel, it is crammed full of video reviews of prehistoric animal replicas, hints and tips and it also gives collectors the opportunity to suggest new dinosaur models.  Here is a link to the Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel: Everything Dinosaur – YouTube.

Audrey the Lambeosaurus

In the short video review (the YouTube video lasts just over two minutes), the Lambeosaurus packaging is shown and then the dinosaur model is placed on our turntable so that viewers can see this figure from all angles.  We comment on the reticulated patterning and explain what inspired the design team at PNSO to use this colour scheme and design.  In addition, we confirm the figure’s measurements and suggest a scale (based on Lambeosaurus lambei) of around 1:30 for this dinosaur model.

In the Video We Provide Detailed Model Measurements

PNSO Audrey the Lambeosaurus model measurements.

In the Everything Dinosaur YouTube video we provide detailed measurements for the PNSO Audrey the Lambeosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

A 1/30th Scale Hadrosaur Model

Although PNSO do not declare a scale for their mid-size prehistoric animal figures, in the Everything Dinosaur video we propose a suggested scale as well as showing close-up views of the superb detail on the dinosaur model.  The clear, glossy coat that has been applied gives the hadrosaur a wet-look.  This is most noticeable around the head and that distinctive hatchet-shaped head crest.

A Close-up View of the Head and Crest of the PNSO Audrey the Lambeosaurus

PNSO Lambeosaurus (anterior view).

A close view of the head and hatchet-like crest on the PNSO Lambeosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur 

Audrey the PNSO Lambeosaurus is just one of a whole herd of exciting, new PNSO prehistoric animal figures available from Everything Dinosaur.  To view the range of PNSO dinosaur models and prehistoric animal replicas: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Models and Figures.

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