PNSO Prehistoric Animals Feature in Everything Dinosaur Newsletter

The latest Everything Dinosaur newsletter features the exciting new for 2021 editions to the popular PNSO prehistoric animal model range.  In total, seven recently arrived figures are featured, six dinosaurs and a replica of the bizarre Chinese, herbivorous marine reptile known as Atopodentatus (Zewail the Atopodentatus).  Headlining our latest newsletter is the excellent Essien the Spinosaurus, which is not to be confused with the much larger 1:35 scale Spinosaurus replica also called Essien, within the PNSO model range.

Top of the Pops – The PNSO Essien the Spinosaurus (Mid-size Range) Headlines the Everything Dinosaur Newsletter

Featured in the Everything Dinosaur newsletter - Essien the Spinosaurus.

The new PNSO Essien the Spinosaurus features as the headline item in the latest Everything Dinosaur newsletter.  This Spinosaurus dinosaur model has an articulated jaw.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Pair of Duck-billed Dinosaurs

A pair of duck-billed dinosaurs also feature in the latest Everything Dinosaur customer newsletter.  Both dinosaurs are members of the Lambeosaurinae, they belong to the crested hadrosaurs group.  This sub-family may have been named after Lambeosaurus, but ironically, Corythosaurus represented by the model named Caroline, was named and scientifically described earlier than Lambeosaurus (represented by the model entitled Audrey).  Corythosaurus was named and described in 1914, whilst Lambeosaurus was formally described in 1923.

A Pair of Duck-billed Dinosaurs (Audrey the Lambeosaurus and Caroline the Corythosaurus)

New PNSO models Audrey the Lambeosaurus and Caroline the Corythosaurus.

PNSO Audrey the Lambeosaurus and Caroline the Corythosaurus.  A pair of duck-billed dinosaurs also feature in the latest edition of the Everything Dinosaur newsletter, Audrey the Lambeosaurus (left) and Caroline the Corythosaurus (right).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Atopodentatus and Tuojiangosaurus Models

The customer newsletter also features the PNSO Atopodentatus and the stunning stegosaur figure Tuojiangosaurus.  Both these prehistoric animals are synonymous with China.  Fossils of the bizarre Middle Triassic marine reptile Atopodentatus come from Yunnan Province, whereas fossils of the Late Jurassic Tuojiangosaurus have been found in Sichuan province that borders Yunnan to the north.

The PNSO Atopodentatus and the PNSO Stegosaur Tuojiangosaurus Feature in the Newsletter

PNSO prehistoric animal models.

Two new for 2021 prehistoric animal models from PNSO (Zewail the Atopodentatus and Qichuan the Tuojiangosaurus).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Ornithischians – Borealopelta and Pachyrhinosaurus

The last of the seven new prehistoric animal figures to be featured are both members of the bird-hipped group (Ornithischia), however, they are only distantly related.  Brian the Pachyrhinosaurus is one of several new horned dinosaur models expected in stock at Everything Dinosaur this year, whilst the beautiful Borealopelta is an armoured dinosaur that roamed what is now known as Canada, some 44 million years before the likes of Pachyrhinosaurus wandered across North America.

The PNSO Pachyrhinosaurus and Borealopelta Dinosaur Models

Ornithischian dinosaur models from PNSO.

Brian the Pachyrhinosaurus and Gavin the Borealopelta dinosaur models from PNSO.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view all the new PNSO prehistoric animals in stock at Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs.

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