CollectA New for 2021 Models (Part 3) Video

Having posted up information about the latest batch of new for 2021 prehistoric animal models to be introduced by CollectA, team members put together a video review for Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel.  The video review provides information about the new Age of Dinosaurs Popular Elasmosaurus, discusses the famous mistake made by the American palaeontologist Edward Drinker Cope and looks at the scientific evidence for giving this huge plesiosaur a tail fin (fluke).

The Everything Dinosaur Video Review of the New for 2021 CollectA Prehistoric Animal Figures (Part 3)

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Summarising the Scientific Evidence for a Tail Fluke in Plesiosaurs

Did Elasmosaurus have a tail fluke?

Providing information about the scientific evidence for a tail fluke in members of the Plesiosauroidea.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Deluxe 1:40 Scale Xiphactinus Model

The YouTube video review lasts about thirteen and a half minutes and provides a comprehensive review of the new CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Xiphactinus, a contemporary of Elasmosaurus.  However, team members stress that this prehistoric fish was much more widely distributed and it was not limited to the Western Interior Seaway.

Looking at the Distribution of the Ancient Predatory Fish Xiphactinus

Distribution of Xiphactinus (geological and chronological evidence).

The widespread Xiphactinus (geographically and temporally).  Xiphactinus fossils are known from North America, Europe, Venezuela and even from the southern hemisphere (Argentina).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

We recommend that you take a look at Everything Dinosaur on YouTube where you will find this new CollectA video review.  Here is a link to our YouTube channel: Everything Dinosaur – YouTube.

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The New Set of CollectA Mini Prehistoric Animal Models

As well as providing information on fossils relating to Xiphactinus and Elasmosaurus, the new for 2021 set of mini prehistoric animal models is also discussed.  This set will feature ten figures, nine of which are entirely new sculpts.  These models are great for use in prehistoric landscapes or dinosaur dioramas where they can represent juveniles or sub-adults.

Reviewing the New for 2021 CollectA Mini Prehistoric Animal Model Set

CollectA mini prehistoric animal figures (set 3).

The new for 2021 set of mini prehistoric animals from CollectA features 10 figures.  There are 8 dinosaurs (Alamosaurus, Argentinosaurus, Iguanodon, Mapusaurus, Mercuriceratops, Oviraptor, Therizinosaurus and Utahraptor).   Also included in this set is a miniature replica of the marine reptile Pliosaurus and a flying reptile figure – Guidraco.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We aim to educate and inform with our CollectA model reviews.  Our intention is to provide some of the scientific information that is reflected in the figures.  For example, we examine amazing fossils showing the preserved remains of a victim entombed within the stomach cavity of a Xiphactinus audax specimen.  We discuss elasmosaurids and we provide pictures of plesiosaur tail bones that might indicate the presence of a tail fluke.  We have one more video to produce about new CollectA models for next year.  This video will be posted up on our YouTube channel next week.”

To see the existing range of CollectA Deluxe models: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Animal Models.

CollectA prehistoric animal models and figures: CollectA Prehistoric Life Models and Figures.

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