Eofauna Triceratops Models Available for Pre-Order

The two Eofauna Triceratops models are available for pre-order from Everything Dinosaur.   These beautiful 1:35 scale models of an as yet undescribed Triceratops species (Cryptic and Dominant) are expected to be in stock around late February 2021, but dinosaur fans and model collectors can pre-order these figures at Everything Dinosaur.

The Two New Triceratops Dinosaur Models from Eofauna Scientific Research (Cryptic and Dominant)

Eofauna Scientific Research Triceratops dinosaur models.
The Eofauna Scientific Research 1:35 scale Triceratops models do battle (Cryptic and Dominant).

Picture credit: Eofauna Scientific Research with additional annotation by Everything Dinosaur

View the Eofauna model range: Eofauna Scientific Research Models.

An Undescribed Species

In the past, palaeontologists recognised many different species of Triceratops, however, today, most scientists agree that there are two described species, Triceratops horridus and the geologically younger Triceratops prorsus.  The Triceratops genus is associated with the Hell Creek Formation of North America and there is strong evidence to suggest that over the two million years or so that these strata represent, there was another species, a sort of intermediate form between T. horridus and T. prorsus.

For a more complete explanation, take a look at our blog post revealing the sixth model in the Eofauna series: Eofauna Announce a Triceratops.

To read our 2014 article that looks at the evidence for anagenesis in the Triceratops genus: How Triceratops got its Horns and Beak.

Two Eofauna Triceratops Models

As we have two described species of this famous dinosaur at present, it is fitting that those talented people at Eofauna have produced two colour variants of this exciting replica.

  • Eofauna Scientific Research Triceratops “Dominant” with a brown coloured frill and brown limbs.
  • Eofauna Scientific Research Triceratops “Cryptic” with a blue tinge to the frill and blue coloured limbs.

The Eofauna Scientific Research Triceratops “Cryptic”

Eofauna Triceratops (Cryptic).
The Eofauna Triceratops sp. model (Cryptic).  The green coloured legs are a result of the lighting used in the studio and the exposure, the model’s legs have a blue tinge matching the blue colour of the head shield.

Picture credit: Eofauna Scientific Research

Triceratops Model Measurements

The Triceratops figure, the third dinosaur model in this series, following the Giganotosaurus and the Atlasaurus that were both introduced in 2019, measures approximately 20 cm long.  Those impressive brow horns stand a little over 13 cm high.  The figures have a declared scale of 1:35.

As well as each individual model being available for pre-order (as of early November 2020), Everything Dinosaur will be selling both “Cryptic” and “Dominant” together as a pair at a special offer price.  These models are scheduled to arrive in late February 2021.

The Eofauna Triceratops Model “Dominant”

Eofauna Scientific Research dinosaur model "Dominant" Triceratops.
The Eofauna Scientific Research Triceratops dinosaur model – “Dominant”.

Picture credit: Eofauna Scientific Research

Both models should arrive at Everything Dinosaur’s website in late February 2021.

To order either “Cryptic” or “Dominant” or to pre-order the pair of Eofauna Triceratops dinosaur models: Order Eofauna Triceratops Models Here.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.