Rebor Swarm “Plague Variant” Assembly and Review

With the arrival of the stunning Rebor X-REX xenomorph replica Swarm (plague variant), Everything Dinosaur team members have been busy putting together a short video review of this amazing alien figure.  In the company’s video, the narrator highlights this new model, the second in a quartet of xenomorph figures planned by Rebor.  In addition, the video provides collectors with hints and tips on how to assemble Swarm.  As it states in the video review – think of this as “Everything Dinosaur’s guide to assembling alien animals”.

The Rebor X-REX Swarm – Plague Variant is Assembled and Reviewed by Everything Dinosaur

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Rebor X-REX Swarm (Plague Variant)

The video provides a quick run through on how to put together the Rebor Swarm model.  It is a fantastic replica, the second in this series to be introduced in 2020, following the launch of the Broodlord (metallic variant) in January (2020).  A total of four figures are scheduled, it had been proposed to introduce one new figure each quarter, but the global COVID-19 pandemic led to some unavoidable production delays.

The New Rebor X-REX Swarm

Rebor Swarm Packaging

The new Rebor X-REX Swarm (plague variant).  The box sits on Everything Dinosaur’s turntable ready to commence filming.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Swarm and Broodlord Compared

As well as highlighting the superb Swarm, the short video review also includes the Broodlord figure and the two alien models are shown together providing viewers with an ideal opportunity to compare them.

The Video Also Shows Swarm and Broodlord Together (Comparing Rebor Figures)

A pair of Rebor figures Swarm and Broodlord.

The Rebor Swarm and Broodlord pair (plague variant and metallic variant).  The Rebor Swarm model is on the left, whilst the first of the figures in this series to be introduced Broodlord, is on the right.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the range of Rebor figures available from Everything Dinosaur including the alien models Swarm and Broodlord: Rebor Figures and Replicas.

The Assembled Rebor X-REX Swarm (Plague Variant)

Rebor Swarm (plague variant) assembled.

The assembled Rebor Swarm (plague variant).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Question of the Day

Team members ask viewers a “Question of the Day”, which of the two Rebor xenomorph figures (Rebor Swarm or Broodlord) do you prefer?  We ask our subscribers and video watchers to add comments.

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