Rebor Figures Feature in Everything Dinosaur Newsletter

The new Rebor X-REX Swarm (plague variant), makes headlines in the Everything Dinosaur customer newsletter.  The arrival of this new figure has made headlines in the latest customer newsletter to be sent out by the UK-based company.  This eagerly anticipated figure from Rebor, the second in their science-fiction/dinosaur hybrid series, had been delayed in production due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, this beautifully-crafted figure is now available.

The New Rebor X-REX Swarm (Plague Variant) Makes Headlines

Making headlines the Rebor X-REX Swarm "Plague Variant".

The Everything Dinosaur newsletter highlights the arrival of the second figure in the Rebor alien/T. rex series – the X-REX Swarm (plague variant).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To purchase the Rebor X-REX Swarm in the plague variant colouration: Rebor Scale Models and Figures including X-REX Swarm and Broodlord.

An Articulated Figure

The model has a detachable tail which is also flexible, moveable arms and an inner jaw piece.  The figure is very detailed and the skull looks incredible (see picture below).

The Very Alien Rebor X-REX Swarm Model

Swarm - plague variant.

A close view of the amazing head of the Rebor X-REX Swarm (plague variant).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Broodlord and Stegosaurus Woodland Also Make an Appearance

The newsletter also featured the first of the Rebor science fiction figures X-REX Broodlord.   This popular model came out in late January (2020) and with the introduction of Swarm, we wanted to remind collectors that we had a few of these figures available to purchase.  In addition, as well as receiving a shipment of Swarm models, we were able to obtain a number of the Rebor Stegosaurus Garden figure in the Woodland colour scheme.

The Rebor X-REX Broodlord “Metallic Variant” and the Rebor 1:35 scale Stegosaurus Garden 

Rebor figures feature in Everything Dinosaur newsletter.

The Rebor X-REX Broodlord ” metallic variant” and a Rebor “Garden” Stegosaurus in the woodland colouration.  The Stegosaurus figure is also in 1/35th scale and it is one of a series of three stegosaurs introduced by Rebor.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The latest newsletter certainly has a strong emphasis on the Rebor range.  There are lots of planned new model introductions from Rebor for quarter 3 and 4 and team members are looking forward to these new figures coming into the company’s warehouse.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We send out newsletters to our subscriber list every once in a while. We give our subscribers priority ordering and they are the first to hear of new arrivals along with other updates and information to help them with their model collecting hobby.”

To request to join the Everything Dinosaur newsletter subscribers list just send us an email: Email Everything Dinosaur.

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