More Papo Prehistoric Animals Arrive

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More Papo Prehistoric Animals Arrive

This week, team members at Everything Dinosaur were able to bring in another shipment of Papo prehistoric animal models.  In total, we were able to replenish stocks of eleven Papo figures.  As part of our planning to help maintain our mail order business in the advent of a lockdown due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we put into place some contingency stock that we could draw upon quite easily to help ensure that we could keep delivering products to our customers.

Papo Pentaceratops and Gorgosaurus Gift Box Stocks Replenished

Papo Gorgosaurus and Pentaceratops box set.
The Papo Gorgosaurus and Pentaceratops box set. Stock of this popular gift set has been replenished.

Papo Prehistoric Animal Models

The new for 2020 Papo figures remain unlikely to become available until August at the earliest.  The Papo factory has been badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.  If Everything Dinosaur gets news about the new for 2020 Papo prehistoric animals we shall, of course, post this information up onto our social media platforms including this site.

A Wide Range of Papo Prehistoric Animals

The latest delivery into our warehouse consists of a range of Papo figures.   These deliveries are all part of our planning and contingency operations to keep product stocks available to our customers.  Along with the Papo Gorgosaurus and Pentaceratops gift box, the shipment also contained a small number of Papo Pentaceratops and Gorgosaurus models so we can continue to sell these figures individually.

On Hand!  The Papo Pentaceratops Dinosaur Model

Papo Pentaceratops dinosaur model.
The Papo Pentaceratops dinosaur model. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We continue to do all we can to protect our team members and to assist the public.  Social distancing measures have been put in place as part of a suite of measures to keep us operating as normally as possible in these far from normal times.  We know how important it is for our customers when it comes to indulging a hobby or shopping for birthday gifts and presents, so far, the steps we have taken have permitted us to keep going.  Part of our strategy was to plan for a time when deliveries to our warehouse would be difficult, so we have been able to stockpile certain items that have helped us to manage inventories effectively.”

The Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

The Warehouse Delivery Also Included the Papo Carnotaurus

Papo Carnotaurus model.
“Meat-eating Bull” from Papo.  The Papo Carnotaurus dinosaur model was also included in our latest re-supply shipment.

Maintaining Product Stocks

With so much uncertainty about with regards to factory production schedules, Everything Dinosaur is doing all it can to maintain supplies.  For example, next week, further deliveries are expected from CollectA and Rebor and plans are in place to obtain more Bullyland figures.

In the meantime, to view the Papo prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur: Papo Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.