Fantastic Papo Tyrannosaurids Dinosaur Models

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Papo Tyrannosaurids – A Pair of Papo Tyrannosaurs

At Everything Dinosaur, we like to do our best when it comes to assisting our customers.  Take for example, a fan of Papo prehistoric animal models who asked us to photograph a Papo brown Tyrannosaurus rex model and the Papo Gorgosaurus replica prior to making a potential purchase.  Our team members were happy to oblige and emailed over several photographs from the company’s own studio of the two tyrannosaurids including a picture of the two prehistoric animals together on one of the turntables we use for our YouTube videos.

The Papo Brown Tyrannosaurus rex Model and the Papo Gorgosaurus

Papo Brown standing T. rex and the Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur models.
The Papo brown T. rex model (introduced in 2012) on the left with the 2019 Papo Gorgosaurus adjacent.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Papo Tyrannosaurs

These two tyrannosaurs make an attractive pair.  The Papo brown T. rex model was introduced in 2012 replacing the “classic” green version of this dinosaur.  The Papo Gorgosaurus is a much more recent addition to the Papo “Les Dinosaures” range.  This figure was introduced in 2019.

With the current COVID-19 difficulties, Everything Dinosaur has been able to put in place a series of contingency measures to help the company to continue operating its mail order business.  For example, making commitments to stock figures earlier than normal and putting in place plans to hold various products in readiness to bring them into the company’s warehouse.  These measures and the other steps that Everything Dinosaur have taken have enabled the company to maintain the availability of a number of product lines, including the popular Papo prehistoric animals.

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