A Wild Safari Prehistoric World Diplodocus Dinosaur Model Spotted at an Exhibition

Whilst working at a library supporting the “Dippy the Diplodocus” nationwide tour, an eagle-eyed Everything Dinosaur team member spotted a Wild Safari Prehistoric World Diplodocus dinosaur model that was being used to help demonstrate what scientists think Diplodocus looked like when it roamed the Late Jurassic of western North America.

The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Diplodocus Dinosaur Model

A beautiful Diplodocus dinosaur model.

A beautiful model of a Diplodocus dinosaur helping to publicise the “Dippy on Tour” programme.  The replica is the Wild Safari Prehistoric World Diplodocus model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Natural History Museum’s famous cast Diplodocus used to grace Hintze Hall at the Museum.  In January 2017, the skeleton was dismantled (all 292 bones of it) to make space for a new Blue Whale exhibit “Hope”.  This permitted the replica to go on a nationwide tour of the UK and Rochdale is just one of eight venues selected for this exhibition.  To date, over 100,000 people have visited the skeleton in Rochdale.  As well as the twenty-metre long replica itself, an exciting programme of events has been put together to help to inspire the next generation of young scientists.

Everything Dinosaur staff members have been providing expertise and assistance and have enjoyed helping to organise the family-themed science activities.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur, in between delivering fossil hunting workshops for the Borough Council as part of a series of outreach activities commented:

“The aim of this tour and the exhibition programme is to help inspire and enthuse the next generation of scientists.  The Diplodocus has also done a great deal to attract visitors to the area and to boost the local economy.  It is wonderful to see such nationally-important exhibits like “Dippy the Diplodocus” visiting the northwest of England”.

“Dippy the Diplodocus” can be seen at the Number One Riverside, Rochdale venue until June 28th (2020), with numerous other dinosaur themed events taking place in the Rochdale area for the duration of the exhibition.

Rochdale Borough Council has been able to source a wide range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed items to help support this exhibition.  Together with Everything Dinosaur team members the Council has been planning for the arrival of the famous sauropod for more than a year.  All the hard work has certainly paid off with over 100,000 visitors recorded to date.

The Wild Safari Prehistoric World range is an award-winning range of prehistoric animal figures and replicas.  To see this range:
Safari Ltd – Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models.

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