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17 03, 2020

New CollectA Deluxe Fukuisaurus 1:40 Scale (Turntable Tuesday)

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CollectA Deluxe Fukuisaurus 1:40 Scale (Turntable Tuesday)

As Everything Dinosaur team members get better acquainted with the video management software and other technical aspects of the company’s small studio, we have opted to try and produce at least one dinosaur or prehistoric animal themed YouTube video a week.  With the arrival of a small turntable, we decided to start showcasing various dinosaur figures by producing short (around one or two minutes long), videos.  In this brief YouTube video, we highlight the new for 2020 CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Fukuisaurus dinosaur model.

Turntable Tuesday – The CollectA Deluxe 1:40 Scale Fukuisaurus Dinosaur Model Takes a Spin

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Fukuisaurus – A Japanese Dinosaur

The CollectA Fukuisaurus model follows hot on the heels of the CollectA Fukuiraptor figure that was introduced in 2019.  Both dinosaurs are associated with the famous Kitadani Formation of Fukui on the Japanese island of Honshu.  The ornithopod Fukuisaurus (which was named and described in 2003) and the theropod Fukuiraptor, which was formally scientifically described three years earlier, come from the same bonebed in the Kitadani Dinosaur Quarry (Bonebed I).  It has been speculated that Fukuiraptor preyed upon Fukuisaurus, but there is very little scientific evidence other than the proximity of the fossil material to support this supposition.

Two Models of Dinosaurs from the Lower Cretaceous of Japan

CollectA dinosaur models Fukuiraptor and Fukuisaurus.
The CollectA Fukuiraptor (top) and the CollectA Deluxe Fukuisaurus (bottom). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: The Everything Dinosaur Website.

CollectA Fukuisaurus and CollectA Fukuiraptor

Towards the end of this short video (it lasts a fraction over two minutes long), the CollectA Deluxe Fukuisaurus and the CollectA Fukuiraptor are shown together.  This permits dinosaur model fans and collectors to get a really good look at both figures.  Although the Fukuisaurus is part of the CollectA Deluxe range and it is in approximately 1:40 scale, as Fukuisaurus was a relatively small member of the hadrosaurid lineage, the actual dinosaur model is quite small.  Everything Dinosaur team members have measured the replica and it is approximately 14 cm long and stands around 5.5 cm high at the hips.

It is beautifully detailed and there is much to be admired in this CollectA figure (yes, we do point out in the video that this dinosaur model does have a cloaca).

A spokesperson for Everything Dinosaur commented:

“A lot of dinosaur model fans and collectors have asked us to make more videos about prehistoric animals, we are working hard to get up to speed and we do intend to produce another forty or so videos this year, including reviews of some of the new for 2020 CollectA models.”

The CollectA Deluxe Fukuisaurus 1:40 Scale Dinosaur Model

CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Fukuisaurus.
The new for 2020 CollectA Deluxe Fukuisaurus dinosaur model (1:40 scale). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

When will the CollectA Fukuisaurus be in Stock?

The first batch of the new for 2020 CollectA prehistoric animal models including the Fukuisaurus have been delayed (coronavirus).  As soon as Everything Dinosaur have news about these models, then it will be posted up onto this blog and onto the company’s social media pages.

In the meantime, to view the Fukuisaurus production sample video and all the other videos on the Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.

To see the CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life range of models: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life.

17 03, 2020

Beautiful Prehistoric Animal Drawings Help to Inspire Young Artists

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Prehistoric Animal Drawings Help to Inspire Young Artists

Everything Dinosaur team members have been asked to support the science outreach activities being organised by Rochdale Borough Council as the Natural History Museum’s “Dippy the Diplodocus” exhibition arrives in the northwest of England.  The Diplodocus exhibit, donated to the London Natural History Museum in 1905, is currently undergoing a nationwide tour.  Staff from Everything Dinosaur have been asked to put together a series of fun, fossil themed workshops in various parts of the northwest.

Prehistoric Animal Drawings

Whilst visiting a library, a team member spotted some very familiar prehistoric animal figures helping to promote a drawing competition aimed at eager, enthusiastic young palaeontologists.

Prehistoric Animal Model Help to Inspire Dinosaur Drawings

A drawing of Kelenken. Phorusrhacids illustrated. The "Terror Birds".
The Kelenken in all its glory Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The CollectA Kelenken (Prehistoric Animal Drawing)

A colourful drawing of large, flightless bird Kelenken is highlighted (above). In the library team members spotted a Liopleurodon (marine reptile), from the CollectA Prehistoric Life range of figures.  A model on the right of the Liopleurodon was a replica of an Iguanodon, also from the CollectA range.  Both these models represent long extinct creatures, fossils of which have been found in the British Isles.

View the CollectA Prehistoric Life model range: CollectA Prehistoric Life Figures.

CollectA also provide a selection of scale models. To view this range: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life Scale Models.

A team member from Everything Dinosaur, in a break between delivering dinosaur and fossil themed workshops commented:

“It has been great to meet so many young dinosaur fans.  The Diplodocus event has attracted over a hundred thousand visitors to the area.  This has provided a real boost to the local economy.  We have seen a number of the entries in the dinosaur drawing competition and we have been most impressed with the illustrations and artwork.”

The Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

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