Fantastic Box Art (PNSO Age of Dinosaurs)

At Everything Dinosaur, we spend a lot of time focusing on prehistoric animal models.  It is what you would expect from a company that specialises in the mail order sale of museum quality dinosaur figures and such like.  However, we have been most impressed with the artwork associated with the PNSO Age of Dinosaurs model range.  We have been involved with PNSO for some years now and we have watched how this company has evolved, but the standards set by renowned palaeoartist Zhao Chuang and his colleagues continue to be emphasised by the addition of some splendid examples of box art.

Take for example, the clean lines associated with the carton that contains the new for 2019 PNSO Dakosaurus model “Paulwin”.  Rather than describe the box we thought it best to create a short twenty second video showcasing how this particular prehistoric animal model is presented.

Highlighting the Beautiful Presentation of the PNSO Dakosaurus Marine Crocodile Model “Paulwin”

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

“Paulwin” the Dakosaurus

Models of prehistoric crocodiles are quite rare.   We know that this replica of “Biter lizard” has been very well received by collectors.  The box that the model comes in is very classy too.

The Box Containing the PNSO Marine Crocodile Model “Paulwin” the Dakosaurus

PNSO Dakosaurus box art.

An image showing the classy box art for the PNSO “Paulwin” the Dakosaurus model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The clean lines, the carefully printed and positioned text and the large picture of the actual model make the packaging of this PNSO figure really stand out.  Our congratulations to the design team at PNSO for taking such care and consideration.

The Dakosaurus is just one of new additions to the range of PNSO models and figures that Everything Dinosaur stocks.  More figures will be announced in the near future.  Fans of dinosaurs and PNSO models in particular can expect to hear news on this blog site soon.

The PNSO Dakosaurus Marine Crocodile Model -“Paulwin”

Marine crocodile model Dakosaurus.

A close-up view of the head of the PNSO marine crocodile model Dakosaurus.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

For dinosaur model collectors and fans of prehistoric animals, you do not have to wait until next year to see the most recent model releases, they are all in stock at Everything Dinosaur.

To see the range of PNSO dinosaurs and prehistoric animal models available at Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Models and Figures.

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