A Red T. rex Head

Our congratulations to young Caldey who sent into Everything Dinosaur an illustration of one of her favourite dinosaurs – Tyrannosaurus rex.

An Illustration of T. rex by Caldey

A red-headed Tyrannosaurus rex.

A colourful and very detailed illustration of the head of a tyrannosaurid dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Caldey

The artist has taken great care to illustrate this dinosaur.  Lots of amazing detail such as different shaped scales on the skull and the bony ridges over the orbit (eye socket) can be seen in this line drawing.  Our congratulations to Caldey for creating such a super dinosaur illustration.

Everything Dinosaur team members receive lots of dinosaur themed drawings. Our thanks to Caldey for sending in a rather splendid red-headed Tyrannosaurus rex illustration.

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