TetZooCon 2019

Just a few more sleeps until the start of the annual TetZooCon event in London.  This is the meeting of fans of the tetrapods (living and extinct), amphibians and the amniotes (reptiles, birds and mammals).  Once again Everything Dinosaur is delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring this prestigious meeting themed around the world-renowned blog Tetrapod Zoology.

TetZooCon 2019

TetZooCon is bigger and better than ever and it takes place on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October at the spacious “The Venue” in Malet Street, London.  Speakers from the TetZooCon universe will be presenting on topics as diverse as whale strandings, the diseases of theropod dinosaurs, natural history film making and hunting with eagles.  Amongst the activities there will be a quiz and Everything Dinosaur has donated the prizes.

Eofauna Scientific Figures – Part of Everything Dinosaur’s TetZooCon Slide Show

Eofauna figures showcased at TetZooCon 2019.
Five beautiful prehistoric animal figures from Eofauna will feature in the TetZooCon slide show presentation by Everything Dinosaur. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Conservation and Cryptozoology

The two-day conference covers a variety of special interests, from conservation projects looking into the demise of UK amphibian populations to using citizen science to investigate the impact of roadkill.  There is a lot for cryptozoologists too.  Cryptozoology looks at the evidence to prove the existence of animals from myths, legends and folklore, such as the Mokele-mbembe from the Congo Basin of Africa, which some believe to be a type of sauropod dinosaur.  Conference organiser Darren Naish, an authority on the subject, will be taking time out from his duties at the event to sell and sign copies of his latest book – “The Cryptozoologicon (Volume 1)” – the biology, evolution and mythology of hidden animals.  TetZooCon will include plenty of time to meet authors, peruse their publications and to get some favourite copies signed.

Everything Dinosaur has Prepared Slide Shows for the Event

Some of the models and figures in the Everything Dinosaur range.
Prehistoric animals, models and figures at TetZooCon 2019.  The first 1:6 scale Komodo dragon figures in the UK will be given away as prizes and look out for Rebor and PNSO prizes too – all donated by Everything Dinosaur. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Haven for Palaeoart and Palaeoartists

Talented artist and fellow organiser John Conway will be leading some of the exciting palaeoart activities and workshops.  Noted luminaries in the world of prehistoric illustration will be attending such as Bob Nicholls and Beth Windle will be leading a discussion on “women in palaeoart”.  This annual event is turning into a haven for palaeoart and palaeoartists, the extensive social media coverage will give plenty of opportunity to all those unable to attend to view and appreciate the artwork and scientific illustrations on display.

The quiz might even feature a Beasts of the Mesozoic model or two.  We could not possibly comment, other than to say that as the exclusive distributors for this exciting range of articulated collectible figures, they epitomise the link between beautiful scientific illustration and imaginative scale models.  On the subject of scale models, look for a presentation by Agata Stachowiak on how to produce accurate models of prehistoric animals – fascinating stuff.

Beasts of the Mesozoic – Combining Articulated Models with Beautiful Palaeoart

Beasts of the Mesozoic at TetZooCon
The Beasts of the Mesozoic range of “Raptors” is featured in the Everything Dinosaur TetZooCon slide show. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We look forward to viewing all the tweets, Instagram pics and Facebook posts from the event that kicks-off in just five days’ time.

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