Limited Edition Papo Spinosaurus Model Delayed until December (2019)

The eagerly anticipated limited edition Papo Spinosaurus dinosaur model has been delayed until December (2019), according to information from Papo received by team members at Everything Dinosaur.  Readers of this blog will probably recall that Everything Dinosaur published the first pictures of this spinosaurid figure back in February, however, model collectors and dinosaur fans will have to wait until December before they can get their hands on this Papo replica.

The Papo Limited Edition Spinosaurus Replica has been Delayed until December (2019)

Papo Spinosaurus model has been delayed until December 2019.

The Papo Spinosaurus dinosaur model (limited edition quadruped Spinosaurus), has been delayed until December 2019.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We had been told back in the summer that this figure would be available in October, however, we have just been informed by Papo that this dinosaur will not be available until December.  No reasons have been given for the delay and we don’t want to speculate about the reasons for this delay at this stage.  However, all our plans are in place to contact all those people who reserved a model, everything is ready at Everything Dinosaur for the arrival of this figure.  As soon as it comes in, we will be in touch with all those customers on our reserve lists, even if it means bringing in extra staff to ensure swift communications, at what will be, our busiest time of the year.”

If Everything Dinosaur receives any further information or updates about the Papo Spinosaurus dinosaur model, we will post this up onto this blog and other social media platforms.

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