The Battle Damaged PNSO Large Megalodon Model

Our friends at PNSO introduced this year a new version of their large prehistoric shark replica (Megalodon).  We have been asked by many fans of prehistoric animals to show more pictures of this exciting figure.  Our team members are happy to oblige and we have produced a short video in which we unbox this large replica and provide a view of the amazing paintwork and detail on this PVC shark.  We also comment on the intricate and subtle scarring that is seen on this PNSO Megalodon replica.

The Battle Scarred PNSO Large Megalodon Model

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Reviewing a Fearsome Prehistoric Shark (PNSO Megalodon)

Known from calcified vertebrae and most famously, from huge triangular teeth, this prehistoric shark is thought to be the largest hypercarnivorous elasmobranch to have ever existed.  Size estimates vary, but a length of approximately sixteen metres has been proposed.  The PNSO Megalodon figure is also an impressive size, it measures around 32 centimetres in length and when erected on its display base (included in the box), the figure stands some 25 cm high.

The Stunning Cover Sleeve Artwork for the PNSO Megalodon Model

Brilliant artwork on the PNSO Megalodon model cover sleeve.
The amazing, colourful sleeve artwork on the PNSO Megalodon figure. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Patton or Patton?

In our short video, (it lasts around 1 minute 45 seconds), we highlight some of the beautiful detail on this amazing prehistoric shark model.  PNSO now have two Megalodon models in their range.  Earlier this year, a second, smaller model was introduced, this figure had an articulated lower jaw.  Ironically, both these figures have been given the nickname “Patton” by the manufacturer, this might lead to a little bit of confusion.

We have asked our chums at PNSO for explanation, it seems that since Patton proved to be such a popular name for the larger figure, then the monicker became the name of choice for the second Megalodon replica.  So, PNSO currently offer two Megalodon figures, both entitled Patton.

“Patton” and “Patton” Two Megalodon Prehistoric Shark Replicas from PNSO

PNSO Megalodon shark models.
Which of the PNSO Megalodon prehistoric shark models do you prefer?  Please select either “Patton” or “Patton”. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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