The Company Everything Dinosaur – 1,000 Instagram Followers

Everything Dinosaur has achieved the landmark of 1,000 followers on Instagram.  We are truly humbled and we would like to thank all those wonderful people who have followed our Instagram adventures.  Team members are honoured and with the building of a bespoke photography and video studio we look forward to posting up lots more videos and images of prehistoric animals in the near future.

Everything Dinosaur Has Achieved 1,000 Followers on Instagram

Everything Dinosaur has achieved 1,000 instagram followers.
Celebrating 1,000 instagram followers.  Everything Dinosaur has achieved the landmark of 1,000 followers on Instagram. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson for the UK-based company stated:

“All the team members at Everything Dinosaur are immensely proud of this achievement.  We only started our instagram account a short while ago and to have 1,000 followers is a great honour for us.  Team members are currently in the process of converting an area into a bespoke studio so we can take lots of photographs and produce many more videos showing prehistoric animal models and figures.  We hope to have the studio project completed in just a few more weeks.”

Everything Dinosaur on Instagram

Everything Dinosaur already has a very active Facebook page (Facebook owns Instagram).  Team members at Everything Dinosaur post onto the company’s Facebook page several times a day and this page has attracted more than 6,000 followers.  Once the photography and video studio has been completed, staff intend to post up onto Instagram with almost the same frequency as their Facebook postings.  With so many new models and figures coming into stock, there will certainly be lots and lots of candidates available for photography.

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