The Wild Safari Prehistoric World T. rex Dinosaur Model (2019)

Tyrannosaurus rex may have been formally named and described more than 100 years ago, but this iconic dinosaur has certainly not lost any of its appeal since Henry Fairfield Osborn’s scientific paper (1905).  The “tyrant lizard king” remains as popular as ever with casts of skeletons adorning many natural history museums and no dinosaur movie seems complete without an appearance or two of a T. rex.

Tyrannosaurus rex on the Front Cover of the First Edition of the Novel “Jurassic Park”

The front cover of Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton.
The first edition of Jurassic Park, featured on the front cover a silhouette of a T. rex skeleton, albeit with a few anatomical discrepancies.

The Enduring Popularity of Tyrannosaurus rex

For dinosaur fans and prehistoric animal model collectors, there are a plethora of T. rex figures to collect and most manufacturers carry at least one replica of this, perhaps the most famous of all the dinosaurs, within their ranges.  Today, we take a look at just one recently introduced figure, that of the 2019 Wild Safari Prehistoric World T. rex made by Safari Ltd.

The Wild Safari Prehistoric World T. rex Dinosaur Model (2019)

T.rex Dinosaur Model
The Wild Safari Prehistoric World T. rex dinosaur model.

Wild Safari Prehistoric World T. rex Dinosaur Model

A lot of print space has been devoted to trying to explain this carnivores’ enduring popularity.  In the 2019 Safari Ltd catalogue there are no less than five Tyrannosaurus rex models within the Wild Safari Prehistoric World range and that does not include the baby dinosaurs in eggs.  The most recent figure was introduced a few weeks ago (see picture above), this has led to some speculation that a number of the older figures in this range will be withdrawn.

Measuring around seventeen centimetres in length and with that powerful head standing some eleven centimetres off the ground, this is not the largest T. rex figure available, but as with all the models in the Safari Ltd portfolio, it is well painted and has lots of fine detail.  The figure has already attracted a 5-star review on the Everything Dinosaur website.

Safari Ltd have taken some beautiful photographs highlighting the exquisite details on their prehistoric animal models.  We intend to post these pictures up onto our social media platforms as they permit model collectors the opportunity to see more than just the standard figure studio shots.  Perhaps the photographs will inspire collectors to take their own pictures showcasing their very own “Jurassic Park”

An Outward Bound Tyrannosaurus rex 

The Wild Safari Prehistoric World T. rex dinosaur model.
The new for 2019 Wild Safari Prehistoric World Tyrannosaurus rex figure.

To view the range of Wild Safari Prehistoric World figures available from Everything Dinosaur including the new for 2019 Tyrannosaurus rexWild Safari Prehistoric World,

Admiring the Details – The Skin Folds and a Beautifully Painted Eye

T. rex (Wild Safari Prehistoric World)
A closer look at the new for 2019 Tyrannosaurus rex figure.

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