A Beautiful Dinosaur Themed Pencil Drawing

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A Beautiful Dinosaur Themed Pencil Drawing

Our thanks to Caroline for sending into Everything Dinosaur, a beautiful, hand-drawn dinosaur themed card.  Caroline had wanted to purchase one of the limited edition, Rebor hatching Baryonyx figures, but she was unable to make the purchase when these figures first came into stock.  We received her request to reserve a Rebor “Hurricane”, one of just 1,000 replicas made.  Our team members were happy to set a Baryonyx aside and a few weeks later Caroline was able to make her purchase.

A Spinosaurus Illustration

As a thank you, we received this splendid illustration of a swimming Spinosaurus.  The Onchopristis (an extinct sawfish), swimming close by had better watch out!  Spinosaurus is believed to have been a piscivore.

Spinosaurus Going for a Swim

A swimming Spinosaurus.
Spinosaurus going for a swim.

Picture credit: Caroline Smalley

Thank you for Reserving a Baryonyx

Caroline included a message with her card.  She thanked us for holding onto the Rebor Hatching Baryonyx “Hurricane” figure and congratulated us on our customer service.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“It is always a pleasure to receive illustrations such as the swimming Spinosaurus from our customers.  There are so many incredibly talented people out there and to be able to reconstruct a long extinct animal and place it within an environmental context is a real skill.  We even noted the small theropod dinosaur illustrated on the inside of the card.  We are happy to know that the limited edition Rebor Hatching Baryonyx figure has found a good home.”

Even the Rebor Hatching Baryonyx “Hurricane” Looks Impressed!

Rebor Hatching Baryonyx "Hurricane".
The limited edition hatching Baryonyx figure “Hurricane” by Rebor.  Even the Rebor figure looks awestruck at seeing the Spinosaurus illustration, after all, these two theropods belong to the same family (Spinosauridae), although Baryonyx (B. walkeri) lived tens of millions of years earlier than Spinosaurus.

To view the range of Rebor prehistoric animal figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Models and Figures.

Our thanks once again to Caroline for sending in her wonderful dinosaur themed thank you card.

Take a look at the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.