Illustrating Armoured Dinosaurs

At Everything Dinosaur, we enjoy receiving lots of letters, cards, emails and drawings from young (and not so young), fans of dinosaurs.  A few years ago, a budding young palaeoartist called Caldey sent into us her drawing of the armoured dinosaur Ankylosaurus.  It was a splendid drawing and Caldey’s mum explained that Caldey loved drawing prehistoric animals and one day, she might want to illustrate dinosaurs as a full-time job.

An Amazing Drawing of an Armoured Dinosaur

Ankylosaurus drawing.

A beautiful drawing of an Ankylosaurus.

Picture Credit: Caldey

The Role of Scientific Illustration

When it comes to publishing scientific papers, particularly those that describe a long extinct creature that is new to science, an illustrator is often employed to work with the researchers to produce a scientifically accurate life reconstruction based on the known fossil material.  In May 2017, Everything Dinosaur team members reported upon the discovery of a new species of armoured dinosaur from Montana (United States), the new dinosaur named over 100 years after Ankylosaurus was first described, was called Zuul crurivastator, (pronounced Zoo-ul cruh-uh-vass-tate-or).

The renowned palaeoartist Danielle Dufault was commissioned to produce an illustration of this new Late Cretaceous armoured giant.

An Illustration of Zuul crurivastator

Zuul crurivastator illustration by Danielle Dufault.

Zuul crurivastator illustration.

Picture Credit: Danielle Dufault

The stunning life reconstruction of the heavily protected head of Z. crurivastator inspired young Caldey to have a go at reproducing this illustration.  We think she has done a rather splendid job.  Well done Caldey.

Caldey’s Drawing of the Recently Described Armoured Dinosaur Zuul crurivastator

An illustration of the armoured dinosaur Zuul crurivastator.

An illustration of Zuul crurivastator by a budding young palaeoartist.

Picture Credit: Caldey

As Caldey has got a little older, her drawing skills have matured.  Perhaps, she will one day be making a contribution to scientific illustration and palaeoart on behalf of a major museum or a prestigious university.  We wish all budding young artists every success – keep chasing your dreams.

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