Cretaceous Dinosaurs of South America Diorama

Everything Dinosaur team members have received a set of pictures highlighting a diorama that features South American dinosaurs of the Cretaceous.  South America in the Cretaceous was home to a diverse range of dinosaurs.  Unlike North America, where there is evidence to suggest that sauropods were rare in the Late Cretaceous and may have been absent from a number of palaeoenvironments.

Cretaceous Dinosaurs

Sauropods (Titanosauria), were still numerous in South America and represented a considerable proportion of the mega-herbivores.  For example, the Anacleto Formation of Patagonia, which consists primarily of mudstones and sandstones deposited in a terrestrial environment, has provided evidence of at least seven different genera of Late Cretaceous (Campanian faunal stage), titanosaur.  The diversity of these long-necked, plant-eaters is demonstrated in a carefully crafted diorama, skilfully created by prehistoric animal enthusiast Robert Townsend.

Agustinia Roams the Prehistoric Landscape

The CollectA Agustinia dinosaur model.
Agustinia dinosaur model in the prehistoric scene.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

The image (above) shows an Agustinia sauropod figure from CollectA.

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Sauropods Dominate

The plant-eating dinosaurs in the extensive diorama are dominated by the Sauropoda, as well as a splendid Agustinia, we spotted a juvenile Argentinosaurus, Amargasaurus and a pair of Saltasaurus dinosaurs being stalked by a Giganotosaurus.  South America was home to a number of super-sized titanosaurs, the fossils of some of the largest terrestrial vertebrates known to science, giants such as Antarctosaurus, Patagotitan, Sarmientosaurus and perhaps, the biggest of them all Argentinosaurus, are known from this continent.

Only this week, Everything Dinosaur published an article about a newly described long-necked dinosaur from northern Patagonia.  The dinosaur has been named Bajadasaurus pronuspinax and it lived during the Early Cretaceous.

To read about B. pronuspinaxDefensive Dicraeosaurids Deter Predators.

Two Saltasaurus are Stalked by a Giganotosaurus

Two Sauropods being stalked by Giganotosaurus.
Giganotosaurus stalks a pair of Saltasaurus dinosaurs.  Note the carefully crafted tridactyl prints in the foreground of the diorama and the use of dyed lichen (extreme right), to make foliage, note also the CollectA model prehistoric plants in the background.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

Robert’s diorama is huge.  The size of the diorama permits him to build mini prehistoric scenes into different parts of the landscape, there is always something interesting going on and his extensive prehistoric animal model collection allows him to introduce a variety of different dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures into the diorama, creating a colourful palaeoenvironment montage.

The Use of Carefully Modelled Props Such as this Sauropod Carcase Helps to Create Points of Interest

A Carnotaurus feeds on a Sauropod carcase.
Carnotaurus feeds on a sauropod carcase.  The model featured is a long-retired Carnegie Carnotaurus dinosaur figure.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

A Land of Giant Predators

South America is also famous for its super-sized carnivorous dinosaurs and model maker Robert does not disappoint when it comes to populating his prehistoric scene with plenty of predators.

Part of the Impressive Diorama with Carnivorous Dinosaurs in the Foreground

South American dinosaurs diorama.
The Eofauna Scientific Research Giganotosaurus in the diorama (centre).  The CollectA Mapusaurus dinosaur model can be seen on the right.  Note, the variety of sauropod models placed in the background.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

Mapusaurus makes an appearance and there are plenty of examples of Giganotosaurus included too.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“It is fascinating to see recently introduced replicas such as the Eofauna Scientific Research Giganotosaurus model featuring in prehistoric animal model dioramas.”

A Giganotosaurus Mother Stands Guard Over Her Hatchlings

A Giganotosaurus mother stands guard over her hatchlings.
A Giganotosaurus mother takes care of her young.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

To view the Eofauna model range: Eofauna Scientific Research Models.

Praising Everything Dinosaur Customers

It is always a pleasure to view pictures sent in by Everything Dinosaur customers.  We often marvel at the skill and creativity shown by our customers.  The montage of South American dinosaurs created by Robert is certainly on a very impressive scale!  Team members are always pleased to see how model purchases are displayed.

A Very Impressive Montage of South American Dinosaurs (Cretaceous)

South American Dinosaurs of the Cretaceous.
The Cretaceous montage.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

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