A Dinosaur Beginning with “Z” – Zhejiangosaurus

At Everything Dinosaur, we tend to get emails sent in by teachers, teaching assistants and pupils from all over the world.  Take for example, a request received in the early hours of yesterday morning from a teacher based in Australia.  The children in the teacher’s class had been learning all about dinosaurs and their focus had been on dinosaurs that lived in Australia and Asia.  The email requested that we provide some information on Asian and Australian members of the Dinosauria and our helpful team members were happy to oblige.

Specifically, we were asked to help furnish the classroom “Wow Wall” with a dinosaur beginning with the letter “Z”, as the teacher could not think of one.

We were able to send out some information and drawings on a number of dinosaurs that begin with the last letter of the alphabet – there are more than you might think!

An Asian Armoured Dinosaur Beginning with the Letter “Z”

Zhejiangosaurus illustration.
The armoured dinosaur Zhejiangosaurus illusrated.


Zhejiangosaurus (pronounced Zay-gee-an-go-sore-us), is an armoured dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of China.  It is known from only fragmentary remains and scientists are not sure just how big this “walking tank” was.  It was named and described back in 2007 and it is one of a number of members of the Dinosauria that begin with the letter “Z”.

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Our team members were happy to help out the antipodean teaching team.  After all, dinosaurs existed all over the world during the Mesozoic, their living relatives, the birds are very widespread today.  It looks like children learning about dinosaurs is a global phenomenon too.

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