Strawberry Fields Primary and Dinosaurs

To conclude a busy week for Everything Dinosaur team members there was a trip to Yorkshire to work with the enthusiastic children in Key Stage 1 at Strawberry Fields Primary.  A very colourful prehistoric animal themed window display in one of the classrooms (2MC) was spotted.  The long-necked, purple-coloured prehistoric animal was surrounded by post-it notes that the children had used to fill with dinosaur and fossil themed facts that they had researched.

A Purple Prehistoric Animal Spotted in the Classroom

Prehistoric animal window display.

Long-necked prehistoric animal spotted in the classroom (Key Stage 1 – Year 2).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Plesiosaur or Sauropod

The teachers were not sure whether their purple prehistoric animal was a plesiosaur or a long-necked dinosaur.  They thought that it resembled animal like the Loch Ness monster, but there were leaves at the base of the neck, so perhaps this was a land animal.  The children had decided that the creature was a marine reptile, a sea monster and therefore not a dinosaur but a plesiosaur.  Pupils were happy to display their knowledge and to explain that plesiosaurs were not related to Tyrannosaurus rex and that Pteranodon was not a dinosaur but a flying reptile.

The well-appointed and tidy classrooms featured lots of displays supporting the term topic “dinosaurs”.  The children in Year 1 for example, had created a dinosaur den in their classroom, there was even a crepe paper volcano in the corner.  The children confidently explained that an “asteroid had hit the Earth and this killed the dinosaurs.”

Prior to our workshops with the classes, we provided some additional teaching resources and during our dinosaur workshops we made sure to link to several extension ideas which we were also able to support with extra teaching materials.

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