New Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex Figures in Stock

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Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex Figures in Stock

The amazing and highly collectable Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex figures are in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  A shipment of all three versions of this articulated Tyrannosaurus rex figure has arrived at Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse and team members have been busy alerting all those customers who wanted to be placed on the company’s priority reserve list and emailed when the models arrived.

All Three Versions of the  Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex Figures

Sofubi Toy Box T. rex figures and Everything Dinosaur
Everything Dinosaur and the Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurus rex figures.  The “classic” figure is in the centre of this photograph, with the sandy-coloured “tiger-striped” figure on the left with the “smoke green” model on the right.

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Special Edition T. rex Figures

The Japanese company Kaiyodo has built a strong reputation for high quality, innovative figures and models, some of which, like these T. rex replicas are articulated.  Kaiyodo models are ideal for serious model collectors and enthusiastic dinosaur fans, the trio of T. rex figures represent a collection of hand-painted and individually sculpted prehistoric animal and extinct creatures.  Many of the Kaiyodo prehistoric animals are special edition replicas with a limited production run.

The Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurus rex (Smoke Green Colour Variant)

T. rex (smoke green) from Kaiyodo.
Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex figure (smoke green variant).

Ten Points of Articulation

Each figure has ten points of articulation, allowing the T. rex to be put in a variety of poses.  These are the first collectable tyrannosaurid figures to have ten points of articulation, permitting them to be displayed in numerous positions.  For example, we have been informed by some customers keen to get their hands on these dinosaurs that they want to buy a pair, so that one can be displayed in the classic “kangaroo pose” with the tail on the ground, whilst the other figure can be displayed in a more modern, anatomically correct position.

Get Your Hands On a Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex Figure

T. rex dinosaur model (Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box - T. rex A).
Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex dinosaur figure (T. rex A).

018A, 018B and 018C Tyrannosaurs

The models have an age restriction upon them, they are collectable figures and therefore not suitable for persons under 15 years of age.  Kaiyodo is famous for its novel and quirky designs, even the product designations of 018A, 018B and 018C are unusual.  The classic figure (018C), comes in a presentation box with a clear plastic front so that the model can be seen inside the packaging.

The Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box Classic T. rex Figure

The Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex figure comes in a presentation box.
The presentation box for the Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box classic T. rex figure. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We are delighted to welcome these Kaiyodo figures into our product portfolio, they have proved very difficult to get hold of and we know that there has been a limited quantity made, so it is very satisfying to be able to offer all three of these articulated collectable dinosaur figures to our customers.”

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