Wonderful Model of a Pliosaurus

Our thanks to the model collector and prehistoric animal fan who sent in a picture of a wonderful marine reptile diorama.  The figure in question is a model of the fearsome, carnivore Pliosaurus.  The artist (Martin Garratt), has done a splendid job in making a prehistoric animal model that costs just a few pounds into something truly unique and spectacular.

Prehistoric Pliosaurus Model Display Piece

Marine reptile model on display.

A marine reptile model prepared for a display.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To help depict the model in a dynamic swimming pose, the sculptor moulded a support and incorporated this into the base by making it look like an irregular section of the sandy seabed the marine reptile was cruising past.  The fine details on this display piece help to reflect the quality of the craftsmanship involved.  The sculptor has even created a coiled ammonite shell and added it to the seabed.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We enjoy seeing pictures of prehistoric animal dioramas and we get lots sent into our offices.  We look at every one, pictures of dinosaur models created by children as well as museum quality dioramas such as this one created by a professional artist.”

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