Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Illustrated by Zhao Chuang

As we approach the fourth anniversary of the ground-breaking work on Spinosaurus aegyptiacus published in September 2014 by Ibrahim et al, which depicted this North African theropod as a quadruped, very much at home in aquatic environments, we thought we would feature an illustration of Spinosaurus by Zhao Chuang.

An Illustration of the Dinosaur Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

Spinosaurus illustrated as a quadruped.
An illustration of the Cretaceous
theropod from North Africa – Spinosaurus aegyptiacus.

Picture credit: Zhao Chuang

The Artwork of Zhao Chuang

Zhao Chuang is a scientific illustrator and palaeo-artist who has been responsible for providing the artwork to accompany numerous dinosaur and pterosaur fossil discoveries.  His work has been published in leading academic journals such as “Nature” and “Science and Cell”.  He has collaborated with several museums and research institutions including the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chicago University and the American Museum of Natural History, based in New York. 

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus (PNSO).
The 1:35 scale PNSO Essien the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus model.

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

The picture (above) shows a PNSO Spinosaurus figure. The artist Zhao Chuang is a prominent member of the PNSO team.

View the PNSO range of prehistoric animal figures: PNSO Scientific Art Models.

Visitors to the amazing exhibition “Dinosaurs of China – ground shakers to feathered flyers”, held last year at Wollaton Hall and the Lakeside Arts Centre (Nottingham, England), will have viewed a number of his works, as the prehistoric life illustrations of Zhao Chuang formed many or the backdrops and information panels to the fossils on display.

The front portion of the Spinosaurus as depicted by Zhao Chuang is a spectacular piece of art.  It is always a pleasure to feature the illustrations of palaeo-artists on this blog.

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