Delicious Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Our thanks and best wishes to Athina and Peter who contacted Everything Dinosaur recently to ask advice when choosing some dinosaur and prehistoric animal models to feature on their grandson’s birthday cake.  The grandparents emailed us to say thank you for our assistance and included a picture of the magnificent birthday cake that had been baked and decorated with dinosaurs in honour of young Luca’s birthday.

What a Magnificent Dinosaur Birthday Cake!

A beautiful and very well decorated dinosaur birthday cake for young Luca.

A dinosaur-themed birthday cake.  A beautifully decorated dinosaur birthday cake for Luca’s 4th birthday.

Picture Credit: Athina & Peter

Athina commented:

“The cake was a big success, thanks for your help.”

What a wonderful cake!  Team members at Everything Dinosaur are always intrigued to find out how our dinosaurs and prehistoric animals are used by our customers.  One question remains, how are Athina and Peter going to top this wonderful confectionery creation when it comes to Luca’s 5th birthday?

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